Not only work,
but now and then,
and also
family life
and a blog, begorrah
together with some music.

This needs a floor, and room to swing your arms,
for both men and women
Fitness (Sunday Times, 1972)

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The image that you probably saw, or clicked on when reaching this domain, is the sanctuary knocker attached to the main door of Durham Cathedral, County Durham. The knocker dates from around 1140AD, or CE, or however you count the years, and the cathedral itself is a marvellous example of Norman ecclesiastic architecture.

The site is mainly concerned with information technology, a massive field. Then, there are pages that are imbued with my own interests. There are articles of some seriousness, and there is humour and even items to play, assuming your computer has a fast connection. Soccer can be found at and what is developing as a human rights site is located at

Of course, any opinions that are given, or are implied from context, are purely my own. Not that having opinions has kept me from some painful encounters in the past, but having no opinions makes one a cabbage, nicht wahr?

The headline is accurate, because work should be part of life and both should include play, and time for reflection: except for constraints bound to the necessity of making ends meet. There is also the fact that I was injured whilst working in the moving industry in Ottawa. That injury (in 2003) remains with me, unfortunately: I can walk, carry things, but not run. And, in my life, I have run thousands of miles. Mainly when playing or refereeing football games (FIFA rules).

Oh, and although I frequently wear a hat, I don't have a gun, or, thankfully, an association with a wife. That probably obnoxious (to you) comment relates to the idyll shown above, which is, appropriately, Thomas Gainsborough's portrait of Mr and Mrs Andrews, ca 1750.

Gainsborough lived from 1727-1788 during the reigns of two of the first four Hanoverian Georges, those somewhat strange kings of England. Well, he was born in the same year George I died, so that hardly counts.

On another tack, but something to do with strange Georges, Richard Condon's book, "The Abandoned Woman" about the wife of George IV, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth von Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel is fascinating. Condon was a satirist of worth, and writer of the comic Prizzi novels about the mafia. His story about Queen Caroline is a little over the top, but worth reading nevertheless. The royal couple, by other authorities, were considered to be happy and well-suited to each other. Not a chance, given Prinny's attitude to clothes, unlike our current Prince of Wales, who is forsaking bespoke tailoring.

The origin of the name of this web site is that one copy, that I have had for decades, of the Oxford Concise dictionary always opened on this page (and for another easily determined reason):

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