Outlook 2003 (Office 11) problems.
This is the typical download of every one of the Globe and Mail Tech emails that I have received of late:

Please click to show full-size. Use a large monitor, too, with a decent card. Widen the image if it seems garbled. If you use FireFox go to the URL line and write about:config and then toggle the line browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing to false by right clicking the line. Given my attitude to IE browsers, use whatever fix you can discover elsewhere.

Note that this missing images error does not happen with any other email, so it is something on the source I would think. It happened once with the Leisure email I receive from the Globe, but hasn't since.

The emails are received on an XP Pro SP2 computer, using MS Outlook (Office 11) with all relevant updates done for both Outlook, other Office programmes and for the OS.
The file system is NTFS, running on several Ultra160 SCSI hard drives, with 1GB ECC RAM, the maximum for this Compaq ProLiant 800. Everything else currently works as advertised: everything except obnoxious security settings and email from one source.

Now, having had an email from the Globe and Mail telling me that there is nothing on their end that seems to be invalid, and I had sent them a source file and information about my computer, then what is it? I use no virus checker, no untoward blocking (my computers are behind switches/routers). The fact is I check all my networked computers weekly with AdAware and Spybot, and Windows Defender runs in the background, at least on the XP boxes. I don't run Messenger at all; especially since one person I helped in the past refused to stop using that programme, and was constantly reinfecting his computer.

Also, today I tried to send an executable of a rootkit (right click to download) revealer from SysInternals by using Outlook. It told me it could be an infected file, and when I looked at the email in the folder after it was sent, I was not allowed to access two of the files. Nanny, nanny, nanny crap. There seems to me to be a major problem when one can't control one's own computer, even as an administrator. If one changes the security settings in Outlook by one iota, then IE7 won't open without a major warning that the security settings don't meet the requirements. Just like Safari on the Mac, IE7 is a significant part of the OS.

Here are the Outlook images from relevant emails of today, June 15th., 2007:


Note in the right-hand image that in the message header it tells me about the unsafe attachments, and that I can't access them, even though I sent the email.
The other three are firstly today's Leisure email, secondly the Globe's tech alert as usual, with no images, and then one from the NYT showing every image just like the first one.

But, this is odd. What I tried was a reply from today's G&M tech alert, and the images appeared!!!!! It must be that Outlook saw the links and asked for the images, because it took a significant time before the "reply" appeared. So, it doesn't answer the problem but it gives a clue, I hope. What stops this email from appearing correctly? It cannot be a specific setting for a single source, because that would be under the options settings, and I have never done anything to affect such a one. And, having checked, there is no setting anywhere that reveals the G&M URL. This is the reply image:

No rhyme nor reason that I can discover to explain the errors of both kinds. I added an MS Outlook techie's answer to file association problems (right click to download) with Outlook, but I haven't had time to really see if it works. The site the executable comes from is: http://www.slovaktech.com/products.htm

2007/06/16: I checked the Shorsh email, the original is shown above, today, and, having used the file association fix mentioned above, all files are now available, as can be seen here:

Yesterday, I added the Globe and Mail's address to the safe recipients list, and shall have to wait until Monday to see if that works. The information given on the Office 2003 Forum on the Petri site confirmed this. I highly recommend using the help files and the forums there: free membership. The forums are moderated well and I have found some important fixes there. The plethora of pages elsewhere on the site concerning fixing and improving various MS OS and software has proven extremely useful.

2007/06/18: The fix worked: enlarge to view Monday's email. So, if only I had known this before. It is not intuitive, is it? If the files had been coming down for countless months, why would it become unsafe, why should the images disappear? Obviously, if it occurs with other emails, the fix is in, what?

Here are the two settings boxes in Outlook 2003 (Office 11). The first shows the settings box when the file association option is installed, the second shows the Junk email addition box:

Outlook Express may also give one problems: here is a file with what I think are proper security settings and also two browser anti-hijack executable links.

2007/06/25: Damn, damn, damn the spot, out with it, or Shakespeare will return from the dead. Well, not exactly, but the problem returned with today's email from the G&M. What has it do with? Day of the month or something like that? There is no cure that I know of at this time.


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