Sarah Rachel Morgan Dickins

above is Sarah in December 2005

The Marriage of . . . .

Married to Prasannavira in November, 2006.
I was made aware that their first child, Rhea Chandra Grace, was due on December 6th., 2006: in fact the baby was born at 0605hrs on December 1st., successfully, and with Sarah's mother, Diana, present.

The Celebration
, August 4th., 2007
with photographs of the ceilidh, square dance, hop, or whatever it was and a number concerning Buddhism.

It must be said that even though my father told me that Sarah had told him about Prasannavira, on earlier occasions, over the phone when I had not been home, he had not subsequently informed me. He was assuming, it may be, that Sarah had emailed me about it all. Not so. Therefore, this was all a total surprise. In fact, she had never told me about her friend in any detail, which, sadly, is a reflection on the fact that the greater part of her life has been spent distanced by at least the Atlantic Ocean from me. Mea culpa.

I had a chance, but never took it, to bring Sarah to Canada when she was quite young, and was having difficulties with her father-in-law, the doctor who should have known better. There are instances, that I have been made aware of, of his cruelty to her that even now make me exceedingly angry. Tempus bleeding fugit.

I found, through the web search tool that nearly everyone uses, that there is, amongst other references, a web site on Shiatsu Therapy that produces a picture of Sarah's beau. If it's not, it's his evil twin. But it is, and he's a very nice guy, to boot.

At the time of the birth of her first child Sarah was 35, around three years younger than Michelle (my second wife) was when she bore Katharine, my youngest daughter. Concurrently, Prasannavira was 40, roughly a decade younger than I was at the time Katharine was born.

The following is taken from a site about the surname Linney. It clearly indicates that my research is accurate. I do know now that his father, deceased, was born in the same year as mine, 1919.
So, as Sarah mentioned, his father was a lot older than his mother at the time of their marriage. But, working at simple maths, not as large a difference as exists between M A Henry and myself.
      Name: :   John Linney
      Email: :
      Where from: :
  Nottingham, England
      Comments: :
  I am the son (born 1965) of Edward Stacey Linney (born 1919), West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Here are my daughters in 1996:

And, here they are, with me, in 2004 in Ottawa:

Katharine, in 2009, is 5' 5" roughly (Imperial Rules) and elegant: she reads somewhat slowly, and I can't
tell if she can spell any better than Sarah. So bloody what? I can be permitted my crankiness. It has been determined that the male version of homo sapiens becomes increasingly more tetchy with age.

There are photographs of these three on another page here directly related to my father's 89th birthday.

Above are images from 'The British Isles', Philip Clucas, Bramley Books. It is of Plockton, a village that Sarah visits often to see her mother and stepfather, Peter Morgan. The rear dustcover of the book is the scanned image on the right, above.

I have discovered that the Doctor's House is easily determined using the image on the left above. Looking at it, one clearly notices the fold line, a result of a scan of a double page. Follow it up above the island until one reaches the patch of green, possibly turf, a common area, on the left of the fold line and its accompanying shine. The house is one of the two light, almost white ones clearly visible just to its upper left. Above them is a copse on a headland.

The house isn't, however, visible on this page from Undiscovered Scotland. That shows pictures of other parts of the village.

Above is Sarah at the War Memorial, Elgin Street, Ottawa 2004.

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