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Well, on the fourth day of September, although I had a chat with a detective at the OCPD, it would appear that a judge would tell us to make an arrangement outside the court. 

Threatening to fight me is not a crime, it seems, and the chest-butting is assault, but minor. No threats to my life, only screams of hatred. So, no likely court action for assault. 

There is the possibility of having a JP allow a restraining order. 

Why does this William MacKinnon escape so lightly from his misdemeanours, psychotic that he seems to be? He has temper tantrums that should have, at his advanced age, been dealt with; probably by attendance, permanently, in a psychiatric ward, n'est-ce pas?

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August 29, 2001

Dear Sir or Madam: 

I wish to lay a complaint against the person of William MacKinnon, a director and operating officer of VidNet, for physical and verbal assault performed upon me on Thursday August 8th 2001. 

Briefly, he threatened and swore at me. He also pushed me through the reception doors on the second floor offices of TCC Canada, at 155 Queen Street. He was seen, and was also heard, doing this by a receptionist, who sat very close to where this assault took place.  

In an interview, during the following week, with two other of the VidNet Communications International Inc directors, he categorically denied having committed these "rumoured" offences. He did admit to shouting, both on the second floor, and also on the ninth floor corridor outside Steve Cochrane's office (another director of VidNet and the CEO of TCC Canada Inc: a separate company). 

I have appended copies of the various emails that I sent that relate to this person's actions. I have not deleted unnecessary verbiage simply because whoever reads this may gather a better picture of the affair. Plus, it adds some colour to my problem with MacKinnon and with the other director/worker, Gerry Pushman. 

This action is brought because it is transparently obvious that financial matters have coloured the viewpoint of the two decent directors: one of whom, and the fourth of the directors, is a venture capitalist, namely Brad Denison. The third, and the person that brought in Brad, is Steve Cochrane. The second director, and a friend and drinking partner of MacKinnon, is Gerry Pushman. 


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Paul Dickins 

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Attached: emails that I sent to friends and relatives.

Wrok as it is called, sent Thu 08/09/2001 18:56 

Hi all,

This is to let you know that the VidNet people are trying to screw me for money. I had a really horrible afternoon, which followed immediately, of course, after a nasty morning.  

Pity, but so many lies have been uttered, that I could easily verify, that I don't know what to do next. 

Gerry Pushman, one of the four partners of this small company, that is incorporated by the way, came over to give me extra work and change things from what I had previously done: just because he had found something that might be a little bit better. He doesn't understand the amount of work involved. The site is now down for them, because he told me he had no money, he didn't consider that I had done enough work, etc etc. He was very rude when he said that, as if I was a liar. Simply, it is an excuse not to pay me. They also let go Claire, who was doing work on the Québec side, after wanting her to do the translations, too. So, I chatted to the IT guys here, who are friends of mine and Kirk said I should protect my work, since it belongs to me until they pay me. So, yes, I changed the subweb folder name.  

A little while later, probably two hours, which shows just how hard they work, there was a big knock on my cell door. In came William MacKinnon who promptly threatened me with violence. He is another, active, partner. He was astonishingly rude and provocative. I followed him out to the reception and saw him at the elevator. He swore at me, gave me the finger and then came towards me taking off his watch and asked me to settle this downstairs. He pushed me hard with his chest back into the TCC offices and this was witnessed by some of the staff. He then ran off, slamming the intervening door in the corridor, and went into my office and locked the door, stating that everything in it was his and he would take what he wanted. When I unlocked the door he started the kung fu crap, and called me insane at every instance I called him on his behaviour. Luckily, I have witnesses.  

Then I go upstairs, following after these two malcontents, and have a meeting. (This follows a lunch with Steve Cochrane, the President of TCC Canada, who is the third partner. Brad, the fourth, comes back from Vancouver today, and I'll see him tomorrow.) Whilst I am waiting, MacKinnon and Pushman are there ready for whenever Steve is through with his business. MacKinnon is standing with his arms stretched out, and his hands curling and uncurling. He roared at Steve and pointed at me yelling that I should be thrown out. This was in the corridor outside Steve's office.  

The meeting between Gerry, Steve and me was painful, but at least I managed to have Gerry admit to misleading me, and called him on a couple of other technical matters.

Certainly, Steve found out what Bill is really like, although he has been warned on previous occasions about him, for example, smashing his fist through a wall in anger. Funnily enough, when I related this to Allan (and Kirk of the Techies), he said that if anything like this happened again to yell for him. These two are brothers-in-law as it happens. Good guys, and, the common opinion in here is that I have suffered from what others could have told me about, concerning Fric and Frac, as they are known collectively. 

Well, I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I have quit work on the job until this is cleared. I have asked for a lump sum to finish the job, plus a written apology from this Canadian Vietnam veteran (he went to Vietnam to take the place of his elder brother, when he, Bill, was seventeen. Not what a rational person would do.) If I receive enough money, I just might return to Vancouver, this climate is too hard on me. Humidity adding to the nominal 36 Celsius temperature. And, winter is coming!! 

Well, a little long, but illustrative. I gather I should bow down and be a studious, underpaid grunt, but that's not quite my nature. Wie schade! 

Take care and wait for the explosion. I see my doctor at midday tomorrow, so I will have my hair cut first, see him and then determine what the future may hold.  

Love and kisses to ALL of you 


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Friday, sent Fri 08/10/2001 


Well, I had my hair cut, and it was a joke, since the guy never used water to determine what my hair actually should look like. The people at work laughed when they saw me scratching. Felt like a Yeti on a bad day. 

However, things have improved since Brad came back from Vancouver. He and Steve Cochrane came down to my cell and chatted with me. It seems that I _am_ going to be paid properly, and that VidNet yadda Inc are liable because of this attack on me. Steve told me that Brad and he think it better to remove William MacKinnon from the company, even if he is a Director. Now, this could be problematic, not least because some of the staff here have told me stories about him, and some have said that they would take a week of work when that happens.  

When I went to my regular Pshrink meeting, Rock thought it likely that MacKinnon is psychotic. When this guy can walk past reception shaking his hand, occasionally, and, upon being asked what's the matter, reply that he has just smashed the wall with his fist, one wonders what could happen. He is, apparently, telling everyone that I am crazy. Well, you know the truth! But, really, this man is wholly in the wrong, and, effectively, my action was justified. It has opened several sets of eyes, those who have authority. I may well lay charges, but I am meeting Brad and Steve on Monday to discuss this. 

I feel a lot better, even if I look like a convict. Now then, Graham! 

Love to all,


VidNet and MacKinnon, sent Thu 08/16/2001 08:13 

Hi Steve,

I am in the process of filling the directories of the other three languages, and it is _not_ a trivial task!! However, since I couldn't sleep well last night I came in early and have been working on it since 7:15am 

Now, the main purpose of this email is to talk about my experiences with Fric and Frac as Bill and Gerry are called by at least one of your admin staff. 

Firstly, it has become clear that Gerry Pushman has behaved poorly most likely because he perceives me as a threat to his position. Valid concept, I believe. 

Secondly, I am highly unlikely to accept that William MacKinnon should be allowed to walk away scot free from his atrocious recent behaviour. Especially, I think, because he has frightened your staff consistently on an ongoing basis. I have heard of other types of unprofessional behaviour. 

Consequently, I wondered whether you have a company lawyer that we could have a chat with to discuss the ramifications of a charge being laid for assault and battery. I have a witness, and I could also subpoena Pushman, since he heard and did not disagree with, my statements to you at your office door, concerning what MacKinnon had done to me. 

In my opinion, MacKinnon has problems not only with his temper but may also, and this was ventured by my psychiatrist, have psychotic tendencies. Psychopathic tendencies together with depression, is not something we should take lightly. It matters not to me that he is the progenitor of this company, I still think he should be removed for cause. 

Would you please contact me today, if at all possible, so that we may talk about this situation, perhaps with Bradley? Your call.


Psychosis, sent Fri 08/17/2001 11:54 

Hi All,

Well, the august two of VidNet yadda Inc., saw Mr MacKinnon yesterday evening. The earlier consensus was that Gerry Pushman was to be allowed to leave, or to be paid from MacKinnon's share. As if that was likely.  

However, the meat of the meeting as it was related to me this morning by Steve, was that MacKinnon stated that he can't remember doing the things that are "rumoured" to have been committed by him, even if witnessed in public.  

This brings up two matters: firstly, either he is a liar and in denial, or, even worse, secondly, that if he can't remember that he lost his temper and committed these acts, then he needs to be placed under forensic control.  

People around here greatly dislike his behaviour and general attitude. Steve told me that, since the incident with me, he has totally avoided MacKinnon. Brad told me that he wished he had never become involved with Fric and Frac. At least Frac is going, and, if I have anything to do with it, I shall insist that MacKinnon is controlled in some way. As if we need a berserker in our business. The premise of the business is sound, and it could be developed into a money maker. MacKinnon does produce ideas, it is said. My thoughts are that he could just as well do the work sat on a chair in a psychiatric ward. 

The VidNet site is up, and I hope to be paid today, even if it is less than I expected. Don't know how things will develop, and, of course, my father really does not like the way that modern business is handled. He always had a job, with a pension. Lucky lad. Ken is just working for his government pension, isn't he, Graham?  

So, off now to work with the translators to put the other three sections up of http://vidnet.ca. Is anyone out there completely fluent in Spanish or Portuguese? 

Happy weekend everyone,


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These emails are all saved on one of my computers, amongst other relevant material, together with a full list of the names of addressees.