The Dickins and related families
many photographs on several pages

(On this page is a tribute to my paternal Grandfather and his family:
the Dickins family of Market Harborough)

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The Old Grammar School, next to St Dionysius, the Anglican parish church,
in the town square of Market Harborough, (copyright, Frank Bingley,
creator of Bigfern, which site shows Market Harborough
and many other local links).
Now we're off to England, namely Market Harborough,
Leicestershire, and World War I Military History.
Important: lots of images, slow to load with a dial-up connection.

Northern Ireland, namely Belfast
England: Market Harborough, Birmingham and other places
England: The Sixties and Seventies
Canada: Vancouver for twenty odd years, then to Ottawa and the cold, wie schade!!

Basically, the Nineties, but not Gay (wrong century):
England, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada
Toronto, a ferry, a crash and other things that go bump in the night
Up to 2003: which includes the last summer that Mother was around
A Marriage in Bow and other matters Sarah

Ottawa, 2008: family visit for RED's 89th birthday
Major Changes, 2009

Houses etc., inhabited by the aged one
Life, in 2010 and after

Provincial flags of British Columbia, City of Vancouver, top;
Quebec and Montreal, next line.
Below those, national flags of New Zealand, Ireland, Ulster
and, finally, Trinidad & Tobago.





and he of Widecombe Fair, Old Uncle Tom Cobley
or, more accurately: Widdicombe Fair
(and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh) by Arthur Quiller-Couch 1863-1944
Alas, poor Yorick, here slithers the snake in Paradise
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