Haier HWV10XC5
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Problems related to handling of requested replacement of above named air conditioner.

December 19th., 2007:
I have emailed again because I received a letter addressed to me, wherein my name was wrong, the street address was wrong for which see the email starting just below. The woman I spoke to at Haier on the phone today had no idea of what had transpired with the ticket and even asked me what was the serial number on the tag on the unit. What?! I have emailed about this and I am not pleased at the delay and the transparent inefficiency.

On this date, I emailed this screed after I received an email from Ari:

Dear Ari,
Yes, I received a letter, after which I phoned them, and was told that they wouldnít accept matters posted on the web: for example, my page that you have with all of the details upon it.

This is ridiculous, because I will not send the cut out of the model and serial number in case it is lost anywhere. Then I would have no proof at all that I had received the machine. Except for the red receipt, but that too I will not send out.

The lady at Haier would not believe that there was no serial number on the actual air conditioner. This is the basic flaw with the argument, because I cannot even go to a Home Depot store on terra firma, to show them that that was how it was delivered. One has to go through the aether for sales and delivery problems. Given that, how is it that Haier wonít allow the same? I am providing proof on my URL, and I canít see how that can be rejected. After all, if it were false I could be sued.  

This is the letter, as it was addressed:

420 Bloucester St STE 211
Ottawa ON K1R 7T7

Reference 378315

Dear Valued Customer,
Our records indicate that your service request has not been completed. The Service Department has reviewed your case and has found that additional information is needed to resolve your issue.
In order that we may quickly and efficiently complete your service request please call us at: 1-800-461-8890

Or contact us at:

Haire America
Customer Service
120 Riverside Drive
NJ 08832

Now, it is ridiculous that my data is misspelt. It is also ridiculous that having had you and others deal with me, with a copious, I would hope, data set, that this is the letter that I receive. 

The URL, once again, because, as you may remember, no email with attachments can reach your company, for all of the pertinent information is here: http://mattoid.com/data/odds/haier_hwv10xc5.htm

I do hope that this situation can be sorted out properly. This is an unconscionable length of time with too many repetitious requests.

Merry Christmas, anyway, to you and yours.

From: Ari Aviram [mailto:aaviram@amtrustgroup.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 2:57 PM
To: paul@mattoid.com
Subject: 378315, exchange request, HWV10XC5

Have you been contacted yet by a corporate representative concerning the required items needed in order to process your exchange?  Our documentation indicates a letter was mailed to you on 11/30/07.

Please let me know.

Tuesday, January 22nd., 2008: Here is the response I sent regarding the reply to an email about why nothing has progressed:

Thank you for the information. 

If you recall, it was months ago that I sent in the information together with the electrical cable by mail in the first place. It never reached the corporate offices.

Then they sent me letters that were incorrectly addressed. Only one reached me. How can one trust such incompetence? 

Thatís why I have placed information on the web: again, months ago.

The whole scenario is ridiculous. How did I order and how did I receive confirmation in the first place? Via the Internet from Home Depot.

If the Home Depot website can send information, that is recognised by law, to me as verification, why cannot your corporate people?

The information given on my website is valid, and it is real.

This is a demonstrable failing of your companyís policy. 

That means that I shall, unless Haier corporate facilitates this ticket immediately, now approach the BBB re Haier, Home Depotís web site (http://homedepot.ca) and the corporate Home Depot (physical) to further my complaint.  

I shall also consider contacting a lawyer. They might like the situation, smelling as it does of money for them.

I never knew of a phone call. I donít deal by phone because of constant scammers, and the fact that my increasingly deaf father cannot take messages easily and such often messes up communications.

The web is real, and the information on my website is equally so. The information that is clearly seen there can be downloaded in full colour, exactly as the items have been received and scanned in.

Haier needs to understand these facts and deal with them honourably.

Paul Dickins 

Thanks for your e-mail inquiry of earlier today.

According to the documentation that is on your ticket, a supervisor from our call center escalation team left a message on your voice mail (at 613-237-1848) on 1/6/08 stating that you need to send in the info that our corporate warranty exchange department requested in the letter that was mailed out to you.  As the letter stated, the info cannot be e-mailed; it must be mailed (via postal mail) to corporate. 

I do apologize if you did not receive this voice mail message of 1/6/08.  This is where the issue stands currently.  If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact the Haier corporate office at: 800-461-8890.

Thank you.

From: Ari Aviram [mailto:aaviram@amtrustgroup.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 5:47 PM
To: paul@mattoid.com
Subject: re: 378315, 1/6/08 voice mail, HWV10XC5

And here is the response, by the barracuda firewall:

Your message to: aaviram@amtrustgroup.com was blocked by our Spam Firewall. The email you sent with the following subject has NOT BEEN DELIVERED:

Subject: RE: 378315, 1/6/08 voice mail, HWV10XC5

++++++++++++++++++++ End of emails

What is the problem with this company. One cannot reply?
I shall use the 1-800 number tomorrow, and complain about this ridiculous situation. I shall also visit a lawyer tomorrow afternoon, should this prove necessary.

Wednesday, January 23rd., 2008: Found the Home Depot 1-800 number on the Web. Talked with a representative and obtained a file number, 66004, relative to this scenario. Gave the representative this URL, which she saw, and accepted that the documentation is meaningful.

If Haier can accept an email from Home Depot ordering the air conditioner that is to be sent to my address, that is yet one more reason for accepting the reality of the information given on this web page.

Further today, I received a phone call from Home Depot (its web company) about them having contacted Haier after my phone call earlier, only to be told that I was remiss.

The lady told me that Haier had agreed to a physical exchange, which was not true. I had only been required to send the cable. This was sent ordinary parcel post, including copies, black & white, of all documentation.

Haier told Home Depot that they had requested I send it by registered mail. This instruction was never given to me. Furthermore, one person at Haier that I spoke with had asked if I had sent the monetary part requested. No letter or any other method of communication mentioned these particulars.

A little later: another phone call from Home Depot. Haier have agreed to replace the unit, as long as I take photographs of the machine, currently in storage with halved cable. This is simply to prove there were no labels. We'll see, won't we?

Somewhat tongue in cheek, I wonder if they'll have a problem if they can't believe that images can be manipulated!! Not that I would, of course, but requiring images to be sent them that are either digital or scanned in is illogical considering everyone has image software. Photoshop, anyone?

Data will be sent to their corporate address, and a phone call made to confirm it was sent. When I can collect the images, that is: I bought a multiple digital card reader. Alas, the old digital camera I discovered in a storage box has a card that won't fit in the reader. Will have to take old-fashioned pictures and have them developed. Rats!!

Thursday, January 24th., 2008: Took an old 35mm camera down to my storage, and managed to take some photographs of the faulty air conditioner. Will need to have them processed, then scan them in for transmission to Haier. They will also appear here. There was, on yet another inspection, no sticker on the box whatever. I found out by reading between the lines in the guff from Haier that it is a pull off label. I'm not surprised that it's missing, especially given the state of the constituents of the machine. One would have thought that if it was that important it would be attached in a secure way to ensure integrity.

Saturday, February 2nd., 2008: Awaiting notification of availability of photos from developer on Bank Street. There will be a CD, as well, so that sending evidence should be easy.

The data is to go to productinfo@haieramerica.com with Subject: File # 37815 Regarding lost package. Attach a copy of the Home Depot documents. Then phone 1-800-461-8890 and do not press any buttons.

Given that this page contains all of the information, and that I have the emails from Home Depot, etc., they should be able to handle the issue. And receive a new air conditioner before the weather needs it.

Also, dealt with Home Depot supervisor, Niki, 1-800-628-0525, who forced Haier to submit to demands. Haier had provided Niki with a non-working phone number during the time I was on and off the phone with her.

Monday, February 4th., 2008: Another set back. The film I took in turned out to be blank. That, I seriously doubt, but who will ever know? So, tomorrow I shall try to find a card reader suitable for an oldish Olympus digital camera I have. Then, I can go down to storage and retake all of the shots. What a waste of time. If the people at Haier had any decency, then I should have had the replacement air conditioner here months ago. Trustworthy/trusting group, not.

Wednesday, February 6th., 2008:  Took the photographs this morning. Cut myself yet again on the edges of this air conditioner. Here they are (click for full size, rotate where necessary):


Found the phone number I'd taken from the Home Depot supervisor, Niki, was wrong. I had a five where a nine was correct. I changed that in the line further up the page. Other images that were emailed can be found further down the page. As I mentioned in the email, all of these details have been available here for months. Except, that is, for the line of images above.

Wednesday, March 5th., 2008: Note the time gone by since I sent all of the necessary data to Haier, and the fact that they have not told me when I will be receiving the replacement. I have, therefore, phoned Home Depot and talked to them about this and was told that Haier phones were busy, but that HD would expect Haier to contact me by email. When, I wonder?

Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy, all of it: quality, customer service, representation of goods, inability to believe the facts.

Monday, March 17th., 2008: Phoned HomeDepo.ca, and they transferred me to Haier. The lady there told me that they had sent a letter to me requesting a copy of the sales receipt. I had not received the letter: but given that the sale was over the internet, the receipt from Home Depot came via email. All of this was sent to Haier together with the above images.

After some discussion, I was told that the air conditioner would be replaced and would be sent to reach me within 7-10 business days. The bated breath scenario, ha!

Thursday, March 27th., 2008: A delivery today of a large cardboard box by FedEx: in it was the replacement air conditioner. It will sit in a corner until I have time to deal with it. Soon, however, since I must ensure that it works correctly. I have a couple of other matters that need clarification before I can handle the installation of this beastie.

End of dateline, below are the details, including emails, etc., to and fro.

The following are the relevant facts:

Note that the air conditioner was not installed immediately on arrival.
The cause of the delay was problems dealing with argumentative, aged father; his lack of technical knowledge; his eventual realisation that having had me install his air conditioner (and how it had improved his health (high blood pressure, etc.)), one in my cell would be beneficial to both me and the whole apartment too!

The air conditioner I installed for my father came from Canadian Tire and worked properly, and still does.

The Haier air conditioner was installed early in August. Faulty from the start.
The phone call made to Haier about this was dealt with by me the following day. The details of the transaction, plus the section of electrical cable were sent to the named address.
Later, in October, I queried why I had not heard: was advised that a letter had been sent to me. That had never arrived and I was told that it had been returned to them. Odd, what?
Using Google Maps for the Haier address in New Jersey resulted in street name unknown.

Emails to Haier, or their PR/CR department in Ohio, always bounce if forwarded with the Home Depot details (shown below). The cure that was promised by Haier has never materialised, hence this page.

Images related to purchase of air conditioner:

Ticket No. 378315
Model AD0AS0E0200
Serial No. A962G1317


Scanned image of label cut from cardboard container;
and that's probably my blood smear:

ScanJet IIc copy of customer copy of proof of delivery:

Screen Seize images of emails received from Home Depot:

Order confirmation email:

Home Depot shipped email, in three parts:




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