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The sanctuary knocker on the home page is well known to anyone who has been to Durham Cathedral since 1160 AD. Even having its nose polished so often hasn't improved its looks. It's not the original, by the way; that's kept indoors, probably because it slowly became deafened by the ringing of the cathedral bells every fifteen minutes.

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Are you old enough to remember this evil, green creature from outer space, resting on his levitator? It's the Mekon, the adversary of the electric-eyebrowed Dan Dare, on the front page of the Eagle comic, of fifties fame.
Also, because there is ongoing interest, even if the café is now gone: the Worker Ants at AE Micro Internet Café, on Bank at Somerset, Ottawa!

To search, use Google. And, if you don't use Acrobat, you're missing something. Acrobat and Distiller have become an integral part of Adobe PageMaker, and that's an excellent programme for creating moderately sized documents. Not that MS Office lacks bells and whistles. Except that the latest version uses XML as its base document style. Not too smart, that.

In the photograph below are shown the 11 people who started Microsoft.
Appearing, top row from left, are: Steve Wood, Bob Wallace (dec'd October 2002 at 53) and Jim Lane; second row, Bob O'Rear, Bob Greenberg, March McDonald and Gordon Letwin;
front row, Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood and Paul Allen. Missing is that college buddy of Bill, that person of the stentorian voice, current CEO, Steve Ballmer.