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Life's a load of bollocks

February 12th., 2009: Times change: Obama in charge in the US; Tsvangirai is now PM in Zimbabwe. Don't hold your breath in either case. Problems rampant in both countries.
March 30th., 2008: This sadly hilarious situation in Zimbabwe where the megalomaniac Mugabe cannot admit defeat is matched in the USA, where Hilary Clinton (whose husband doesn't want Obama to win because that would remove his first black president accolade), who has no hope of reaching the goal of Democratic Party presidential candidate, won't admit defeat herself. This benighted pair, who want to rule their countries, but don't understand that it is purely their own ego that wants that, and cannot understand that they are supposedly to think only of the good of their country. If only they could be given the chore of picking up all of the plastic floating in the pestilential oceans as penance

One should be more political, if only to be able to breathe: an article on Arianna Huffington's site, plus what sells the Guardian Weekly, which I buy religiously, or, given my innate attitude, agnostically.

Important: The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online: I can bet that Richard Dawkins is happy about this. He is the author of several pro-evolution books of immense worth. His latest is the God Delusion, a rampant polemic against the 4004s.
Missing Children
and if that weren't bad enough, slavery. Both are rampant.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Paintings from the Louvre at the WebMuseum

Medical Marijuana Mission
Today in Technology History
April 19th., 2001: Hadfield takes off in Endeavour, to install Canadarm2, but remember the Challenger  
Need a phrase to insult someone? There is an adequate reservoir in this Flame
Overpopulation in your future? Don't count on it.

Prostate cancer in your future? Don't you need care?
05/07/2002 Men closing the life expectancy gap

When pigs fly: I did guffaw at this, so sorry, sometime in 2002.
Guardian Special reports:,2479,181169,00.html
Utilikilts: something strange to use for work. Note that the kilt was invented by an Englishman in 1730. It was never present with Robert the Bruce, who was himself an Anglo-Norman. Sod the spider and that Braveheart débâcle. Yeah, and that ponce who went over the sea to Skye was Polish. Even Rabbie Burns wrote in Anglo-Saxon.
Sunday Times Commando Fitness
Esquire Steely Abs
How to escape from a sinking car

BMW Film shorts, resurrected

And Even More So, Nowadays
A Complete Waste of Time

And here's another one, if you like puzzles. And a puzzle of another kind: Schrödinger's Cat.
Shaw's alphabet, an anachronism, based on an ideal that met with no success. Result of a competition as part of George Bernard Shaw's will and testament.
And, political incorrectness perhaps should rule with comedians. Hell on earth with grannies, forsooth! Why, again, one can't assume that people make correct political choices, at least in BC and use these jokes. And, not that they are, but are they comedians, even when they're Jewish? What about Lenny Henry?
To talk of comedians: here is the Dawn French, husband of Lenny Henry, Vicar of Dibley BBC America, page. It has many other British comedies mentioned on other pages, don't you know?
Now then, my lad, remember the Group B Era. Gravel roads!! Drunken Swedes ambling out of the way, sometimes. Have you seen those recent ads from Audi? Michèle Mouton, winner of the 1981 San Remo rally, first win for the superior sex.

Books/Not Books; the Arts and Sciences

Advanced Book Exchange
Perfect Books

Of course, everyone needs to actually read a book sometimes, not just glance at the cartoons in a newspaper: In Ottawa use Computer Supply House  (computer books on permanent discount and lots of new and refurbished computing equipment) on O'Connor between Laurier and Slater.
Perfect Books on Elgin is an excellent private bookseller. We all hate Chapters, hein? 
Each store that I've mentioned is run by really good people, and I wish, for their sakes, that I had more money to spend.
In Vancouver, one once could go to Granville Boooks on Granville Street, just north of Robson.  It has closed, unfortunately.
Should you need out of print books, always use the Advanced Book Exchange, based in Victoria, BC, even if the associated charges mount up.

The Observer's idea of the one hundred best books of literature, harrumph. Before you read the list, learn to write proper grammar, like. That's about Lynne Truss, as is the following. The  'Eats, shoots and leaves' (
Gotham Books, ISBN 1-592-40087-6) author has a dark history. Hope the money helps, and that is definitely not a nasty dig.
07/12/2004: Lynne Truss on Tiger's patois, and Andy Roddick, too.

06/21/2004: Review of Lynne Truss's book: A Bad Comma?
Darwinism Today
: a series to frighten the Stockwell Days of the world.
From LiveScience: Why running enabled humans to succeed.
The next blockbuster, perhaps, is His Dark Materials, filmed by the same people who brought you 'Lord of the Rings'. The movie stops three chapters from the end of the volume. A still from the movie:

I do hope that it is a hit, because Philip Pullman's trilogy is a tremendous work. It has been presented at the National Theatre, so here is another review. Then, daemons leaping into the limelight.  Followed by ducks on a stick, or dreaming of spires in Oxford. A story about His Bright Materials! Lets hope that the background to the story is not lost due to filming moguls fear of the rabid Christian right of the USA. Here is a critique of creativity in school, by Pullman. Next is Pullman expounding on the relationship between
eggs and books.

ET-ST-3C-DBG.gif (936 bytes) 
Odd, isn't it, that it isn't how big it is that matters? But, they and the Economist are my favourite UK newspapers. Oh, if you insist, here is that one:

The Globe and Mail the major Canadian newspaper: good people, for there are some articles I have taken into this site, tarantarah!

And here are lots and lots of online newspapers.

Here is a page concerning newspaper columnists, the Furies. And here is why the Globe and Mail can be hilarious: a typical Kesterton Social Studies page. This one relates to the Scots, and their sightings of UFOs, which, to my mind means a search for decent soccer players.  Here is another Fury, of one particular kind, a Monster. One beauty, one beast, indeed.

James Bond has differing effects on people, not simply to do with the height of each of the purported actors.
The over forties are buying CDs by the cart load, to replace their old vinyl. Here, too, is a publicity photo of the Paul Butterfield Band, black and white, twice. And the Israelites, O Rastaman!
The Fab Four were plagiarists? Whatever next!

And here is a polemic about radio as it was and ever more should be. George, the honorary consul of Elgin Street, Ottawa, I count as a good friend, even though he has a steady job.
Latin is on the rise again and, unfortunately, so is Aramaic. Ipso facto, it might be wise to obtain the volume entitled 'X-Treme Latin', by Henry Beard (Gotham Books). The helmeted oaf is stating that he is wasted! During the year 2004, with the Passion movie rampant, there will be a revival of 'Life of Brian', of Monty Python authorship. Ha! At least some humour to balance the unremitting gore of the Gibson travesty. Two of the Pythons sing the song of life, right above.

The last but one Association Football World Cup, in Korea and Japan, finished June 30th., 2002, with a Brasilian win over Germany. Excellent game, won by the better team.
Something Else: hint, it's the world's most beautiful game. If only it did not have the world's worst controlling body. Oh, I forgot the Olympics: odd how both were ruined by masters from Brasil. And Blatter is the worst of influences: see here.
UK sports from Yahoo.
The Mud Man, the gourd, the bird of paradise, and knees up mother Brown.
What the English do with bells on their knobbly knees and weedy legs.
The classy pair of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Canadians Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, shaking hands with what the uncorrupted or disinterested spectators in the world would regard as the Russian Silver Medallists of the Pairs competition.
Would that this will initiate a clean up the transparently corrupt ISU. It is as bad as what the Olympics were like under Samaranch. Odd that Cinquanta, the head of the ISU, was sitting next to that rich, prior President of the Olympics on that fateful Monday night? What? They got the gold!!!!! But, this mess has not been cleared up just yet. The nationalism, favouritism, and many other malodorous facts and rumours have plagued figure skating for years. Not only that, but gymnastics is identical, and then there was the fiasco of the solo synchronised swimming debacle. Solo? No wonder. Women's Hockey Gold won for Canada, after the USA team had had the Canadian flag on the floor of their dressing room. What price decency?
Existentially, UseNet Physics for your intellect for laughs, if it returns as promised, which so far hasn't happened.
And then, there's SPAM, once the Christmas food of Attila the Hen aka Maggie Thatcher.
Yo! Mordechai, here is where Whassup becomes Shalom! If that does not work: download!
Look, if you need to know why this Umbro advert makes me laugh, you don't play the beautiful game.
And for everything else blow, blow, blow Master Card (asf file to play or download).
Bloody drivers! OMA, and old drivers on our roads, and Too old to Drive? Older driver passed all tests! And: Inquest decisions.

Have you ever been to San Francisco? No? Then see terror  with a doggie. Oh, and the verdict.  They are out of prison nowadays, and one wonders what little doggie they now have started training.

The Public Records Office in the UK, aka the National Archives. Has tons of really interesting information relative to all matters germane to the British Isles.

Columns & People
John Kenneth Galbraith (born October 15th., 1908: died April 29th., 2006): Economist, Ambassador, Writer and who is Scotch, from the strict Baptist, all of them tall (JKG being 6' 9") farming clan of western Ontario. The book is hilarious and fascinating, too. In the main lending library, Laurier and Metcalfe, Ottawa, there is, on the third floor, an 1877 atlas of Elgin county, showing the exact site of the Galbraith farm, as described in the book. Not a lot of thought on how physical matters might affect farming, by implementing a grid pattern, was there?

Above is an image that, if clicked, will show you the old County of Elgin, north of Lake Erie, which is referred to in the book. The site where the images can be found is here. McGill has clearly digitised a lot of these maps. Here is a jpg, of large size, of the Dunwich district. Look above Dutton, to the right, and one will see the area named John Galbraith. This is his family's farm. The image, above left, will reveal a better orientation. I believe that the west and east boundaries of Yarmouth district point nearer to north.

Here is a conversation with JKG made almost two decades ago. A  reference to his political reputation and the latest biography.

Michael Moore (he of the film Bowling at Columbine, Cannes winner) with Office of Homeland Security
John Profumo: just a few images from the sixties!
James Brown: not a pretty picture, not for a while, actually. And, as for Michael Jackson, what with babies on balconies, and the Islam Brothers taking charge, and his money, and his face, and his (place your complaint here).

Karl Marx in Deutsch usw
Lewis Lapham 
Dr Ben Carson : An amazing man, and a model for anyone, and at work
Charlie Rose: Conversations in depth with interesting people.
Nancy Wake: Now 91, and a source for a movie about the Resistance in France.
Camilla Parker Bowles and an honest woman, she is? Her inexorable progress towards her marriage to Prince Charles has been made easier by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Queen invites Camilla to the royal box.  Now, it's June, 2004, and Camilla Parker-Bowles is very close, indeed.
Nah then, Attenshun! Chin in! Back straight! Here is where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II should rule, given the Gush and Bore non-presidential performance. And, here's The Guardian's Monarchy pages. But, what think you of Church and State? Just now, however,
The National Anthem: and a comment about the worst anthem in the world.
Buddha on a train.

Class needs no explanation.

Yet, bless me for I have sinned, for here I have actually written the words "Britney Spears": even given the Madonna kiss, and the idiotic marriage in Las Vegas, that was immediately annulled, it is a pleasure to reveal this person's Guide to Semiconductor Physics!
With regard to the sculpture above: Click any of the three images in line above to enlarge.
Toronto: Is naked Britney just a joke on the pop diva? Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston, a life-sized statue of Spears―naked, sprawled over a bears-skin rug, and very, very pregnant―is the work of artist Daniel Edwards. On April 7th., 2006, the clay work officially goes on display at Brooklyn, NY's Capela Kesting Fine Art gallery, whose website proclaims the work "the first Pro-Life monument to birth" with "lactiferous breasts and protruding navel, complement-[ing] a posterior view that depicts widened hips for birthing. . . ."
However, is the portrait such a serious artwork? On the one hand, Edwards is known for such controversial celebrity-based works as The Ted Williams Memorial Display with Death Mask from the Ben Affleck 2004 World Series Collection. On the other, he was recently quoted by E! Online as saying, "It's really a sincere tribute to giving birth. That's really what it is." Perhaps Britney's artistic merit is all in the eye (and the ear) of the beholder. Staff. March 29th., 2006, Globe and Mail

Terrorism and racism: other than this article, gone to the AndThen page, because that is where, on this site, military matters are mentioned, both current and historical.

For Ottawa and anywhere in Canada, probably.
The Weather: Intellicast
Weather Network
Weather Underground
CBC wind, rain and snow
Oh, and if you lose your keys down a drain, for a free service in Ottawa call the 24-hour Client Service Centre at 613-580-2400

Compact-Music on Bank Street at 3rd Avenue, and also on Bank between Laurier and Slater, both in Ottawa
My Music
Chrétien unknown in Korea, not only in Ottawa? One can only hope. Click the image to enlarge and please don't gasp with dishonest horror.
And why keep your head down, huh? In Vancouver, especially, but anywhere in reality. And that includes Ottawa.

Here can be found the Postal Code lookup to determine where your mail might have disappeared to in Canada.
Irish eyes aren't smiling: bloody weather.
A page about the last but one Canadian census, with some simple comparisons. It is notable that we forget how large the cities are compared with the sizes, in numbers of people, of every province or territory. No wonder the government seems to have lots of money to spend. The newspapers are beginning to realise the discrepancies have national importance with respect to rational dispersal of tax revenues, grants, services and anything else one can think of.

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