Agriculture in England
MediŠval period, and Nineteenth Century:
both, today, shew remnants in the countryside.
Running up and down the ridges was fun, even when chased by a ram.
Or by a farmer, after ruining a field of wheat by treading down the stalks
into patterns, the source of crop circles, wouldn't you say?

The above image is from A Social History of England, by
Ralph Arnold, 1967, Constable Young Books Ltd., London.
And here, if you click the image, is a polemic about what the Industrial
Revolution may have done for the agricultural labourer, many of
whom were trapped in tied housing and lived commonly for just
over three decades, never remembering their grandparents.
So, they could, in certain circumstances, flee to the slums of
the industrial north and midlands. Better off, pray?

The pages are copied from Merryn Williams's book,
Thomas Hardy and Rural England, 1972, Macmillan

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