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Friday July 30, 2004

1. These postings are a public service to "warn" consumers of unethical 
   businesses in this city. I do it without malice and sorrow. 
2. Follow up with your thoughts and be rational. Or your postings will be 
3. I post this because I have been given the "known SHAFT" as Miss Lori 
   McConkey/O'Brien has put it under the heading of NOSPAM@NOSPAM.COM(from dated? 08-08-97. I have ABSORBED THE COST OF ELGIN 
   COMPUTERS'S DEFECTIVE COMPONENTS. Mister Fluery I hope you enjoyed the 
   Forty Two Dollars because I didn't. 
1.      Mister Patrick Fluery has said that I am following his employees 
around and stalked them. I would like to know where these accusations 
have come from? Another "manufactured" e-mail perhaps? Why would I post
and stand alone behing my words then and go out staulk his employees? Would 
this not be stupid and self defeating and criminal? I don't understand 
where this "miscommunication" has come from also. I have never would 
attempt to do such a stupid and illegal thing because I was raised right 
by my parents to know the diiference between right and wrong. It would 
not serve my perposes of these continued postings. What I am doing here 
is a interest to the public so that ELGIN COMPUTER MR. PATRICK FLUERY AND 
MS. LORI MCCONKEY may resolve this quickly and restore there credibitly 
in the EYES OF SOCIETY. I am asking this question. The words within these 
postings. Do they make me sound like the "crazed maniac" that Mister 
Patrick Fluery has discribed me as? Would I resort to "manufacturing" e-
mail messages to DISCREDIT SOMEONE? I could... But as I have said 
repeatedly in the past I stand alone behind my words and will not except 
expect support for them. 
2.      Ms. Lori McConkey you have caused "grief" for may ohters besides 
myself Mr. J. Alexander Norland and other individuals that he has posted 
about. I could not post "manufactured e-mails" about what you may have 
said after I have placed the words in your mouth. But I would not be able 
to sleep at night afterwards. I must congradulate you Ms McConkey Ms Lori 
O'Brien (same person?) for the superb job at "e-mail message 
manufacturing". You are worhty to some of individuals who "hack" for a 
living they have looked at them and stated that these are the best 
"manufactured messages" they have seen. I have done some "ticka... ticka" 
by ripping open postings and private messages to locate there true 
origins. (That is why I know where the "NOSPAM@NOSPAM.COM" postings 
originated from ELGIN COMPUTERS' ISP "CYBERUS ONLINE"... ticka... ticka... 
ticka.) But I would never say they are genuine with several legal terms? 
No I would not. Please Ms Lori O'Brien and Ms Lori McConkey clear up this 
miscommunication quickly. I am wondering if you Ms. O'Brien and you Ms 
McConkey are the same person because you are not clear to who the 
"manufactured e-mails" were directed at. Are you using an alias? 
3.      I not would stoop to your level as to referring to Mr. J. 
Alexander Norland of being a "ANTISEMITE" and a "NAZI." I have apologized 
for the remark calling someone a "WHITE SUPREMIST" and to the 
participants of these news groups, if I was this "crazed maniac" as you 
discribed me as. I hope the "Jewish Congress" is making this clear to you 
at ELGIN COMPUTERS. Maybe this is why this latest "miscommunication" may 
have stemmed from? I would like to meet in a neutral location and clear 
up this latest miscommunication and to clear my right to freedom of 
speach and for your "infentile" threats to that freedom of speach. 
Contact me at 1-613-733-1921 to discuss this location because I will not 
enter your store (to which I have not entered since the first week of 
October.) Again YOU have admitted to your guilt by reffering to me as a 
"CRAZED MANINAC and STAULKER" in public and privatly. Again I have 
not be the same legally but there business practices are 
very similar in nature. Something to think about. I could start the cowardly
 8 1/2 by 11 dance from your refferals to me as a "CRAZED MANIAC" but I 
won't because I am better then you and I will NEVER STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL. 
Mister Patrick Fluery I have come to this conclusion about you. You sir, 
were just a thought in your mother's mind... But you really are daddies
little  "SQUIRT." 
Yours Truly
Scott Wiper
11:24 EST
Please answer these questions privately and remove the above text.
In the above words do you think I am this "CRAZED MANIAC" described?
Do you think after reading these words that I would stoop to such a 
criminal and illegal thing as "Stalking" ELGIN COMPUTERS EMPLOYEES?
Please carbon copy your responses to

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Friday July 30, 2004




"O what a tangled web we weave/ when first we practise to deceive"
                                        Sir Walter Scott

"The law of Roaches" states that roaches come in swarms, they don't come in
one's.  This "law" summarizes the experience of average people: if you find
out that a friend lied to you once, chances are he's done it repeatedly, and
not only to you.

When I was deceived by Ottawa Computer Services (OCS), and particularly, by
its salesperson, shareholder and president Lori McConkey, I had little
doubt that the "law of roaches" applied: I was quite certain that other
customers were mistreated too.  But like most people, I went about my
business, relying on the courts to vindicate me.  Well, the courts did
vindicate me, and  Judge Tierney awarded me damages.  But OCS refused to pay
up, prolonging the legal battle at the tax payer's expense.  That is when I
decided to expose the consistent pattern of customer abuse in which Lori
McConkey has engaged.  My objective above all was to warn consumers, and to
prevent others from becoming the next piece of prey.  For, as of this time,
OCS has NOT been dissolved, it is merely dormant; and Lori McConkey is working
at Elgin Computers, never having publicly repented for her conduct.  Why would
she not continue to perpetrate at Elgin Computers what she did at OCS?

With these considerations in mind I did a simple search of the deja news
database.  I asked for articles on the subject of "dishonest business" posted
in  And out came the articles on Lori McConkey.  Half a
dozen were posted between December 1996 and January 1997 alone; I am
publishing them under a separate article, entitled "Deja news, deja vu: Ottawa
Lori McConkey/Computer Services" in the newsgroup  If
you're interested, check it out.

In forthcoming articles I will post (i) a FAQ, summarizing this thread and
related threads; (ii) excerpts from the judgement rendered by Judge Tierney
against OCS (iii) responses to recent articles published by various authors. 
If you're interested in this thread, please look out for these articles.

If you support my case, then I'd like to ask for your help as I need your
support in two ways.  First, based on "the law of roaches" I'm sure
that there are more customers out there who've been mistreated by Lori and her
outfit.  If we can get together and ask Lori to accept responsibility for what
she has done to us, then perhaps there will be no further victims and we would
have done our civic duty.  Let's remember: government cuts being what they
are, we can hope for no government help, and we must rely on ourselves only. 
If you have had first hand experience with OCS/Lori McConkey, if you have
relevant info, if you know someone who has, now is the time to come forward.

Second, if you've read my postings and you believe me, then please tell Lori
what you think; if you agree with me, then please tell her 

-  that it is wrong to deceive customers, as in selling a refurbished computer
under the guise of it being new; 

-  that it is wrong to ignore the courts when they award damages
against you and in favour of your opponent, as in the cases of Donna Harrison
and myself; 

-  that damages should be paid to me immediately and that Lori's
intransigence should cease;  

-  that it is right for Lori to publicly apologize for the damage
she has caused to many customers and to the tax payer in general; 

-  that it is right for Lori to undertake publicly to change her business
practices because they necessarily reflect on the business in which she
currently works [Elgin Computers].  

You can reach Lori at Elgin Computers, 235-9000, or by e-mail at

IMHO you should do that because the next victim may be your friend; let's
remember: OCS has not been dissolved and Lori still operates in the computer

If you have questions, please post them here or e-mail me.  I respond to all
postings/e-mail that use clean language. 

A final note.  Subsequent to my previous postings concerning Lori
McConkey/Ottawa Computer Services (OCS)/Elgin Computers (EC), I agreed to
refrain from posting new material until noon on Thursday, January 29, 1998, in
order to give Lori/OCS/EC time to reflect on a resolution to the outstanding
dispute.  This deadline has now passed and there is no agreement in sight.  I
therefore plead my case before the court of the people once again. 

Thank you.
JA Norland



(1) If you are tired of the postings concerning Elgin Computer/Ottawa Computer
Services/Lori McConkey, please exit here.  Many readers are fed up with this
thread and they are advised to exit now rather than complain.  Others may
still be interested in the issues and they, too, have rights.

(2) This article is written from the consumers viewpoint, to provide consumers
information in the public interest.  If you are a vendor, you will not like
this article, and please consider exiting now.  If you don't exit, don't

(3) This is a rather long article.  If you abhor long articles, perhaps you
should consider exiting now.  Just don't complain that I go on and on.

(4)  All statements made in this article are either my opinions, or facts that
I have tried my best to verify.  I stand to be corrected, of course.  The
article is written with no malice, but rather with sorrow: sorrow that the
marketplace has to endure certain merchants who undermine consumer confidence
and economic prosperity for us all. 

(5) If you read this article, please distinguish between references to Lori
McConkey as a person and Lori McConkey as a literary proxy for Ottawa Computer
Services [somehow, I can't see a corporation on the witness stand, but I can
see the owner/president/shareholder  --  just the limitations of my
imagination].  Elgin Computers is a separate legal entity, of course.

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