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September at the top, then October

September 1st: Dad tells me she is becoming quieter these days, after a weird Saturday. Then, she was her usual self, modifying her messages to suit the circumstances. To do with the newly shorn Michelle who drove up with Renee and Katharine. Quite a nice time, with Yo Yo telling me later that Katharine is all over me because I don't see her often enough. True, but who told Mum that? 

September 6th: Last Wednesday Mater was taken to Dad's hairdresser, Lundy's. She had her hair cut and sprayed! Before she went, Dad insisted that she have a shower, because they would laugh at her behind her back. She unwillingly concurred.

At the Amber Garden, Mater was praised for her do! But she hated the food, saying that they never got it right, although she was pleasant when given some cheesecake for dessert.

Dad has been upset with her of late, something to do with her continual moaning. She has been nicer to me, strangely. Well, if this Programme I am embroiled with takes off, I shall be out of 420 immediatement

September 11th: On the anniversary of 9/11the TV is overfull of memories. Good and bad, but mainly overwrought. Dad told me last night that Yo Yo is generally unaware of being married and with whom. Ridiculous, even if sad, and difficult for Dad to deal with. Increasingly, it would appear, memory malfunction will impair her life.

September 13th: Friday the 13th! So? Yesterday, after I returned back to my cell, Dad told me he had had a shouting match with mater. This occurred when the chairs had been returned to the dining area after a cleaning. Mum had taken the chairs out and replaced them, but argued with papa that he had not put hers back correctly. 

September 17th: Another visit to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. And we were advised that a visit from the PsychoGerries was due in September: we are past the halfway point. And Mum could not recognise herself in the pictures taken at my first wedding, August 21st., 1968. Raymond tells me she is rapidly worsening.  

September 18th: Me psychic? When I brought the Risperidone prescription home yesterday, Dad asked me if I'd got both. I told him I had not and wondered what he meant. He explained about Dr G's appearance yesterday, unannounced. 

Mater and Pater were told that an anti-Alzheimer's medication was called for. Yo Yo never blinked at this, Dad said. Wow! Anyway, I dropped into the pharmacy and picked up the 30 they had, and can pick up the balance from tomorrow of the 5mg dosage. 10mg after 60 days. There are side effects to Aricept, the brand of Donezipil Mum has been prescribed, which include nausea, diarrhoea and drowsiness. We shall have to watch her carefully, nicht wahr?

Later yesterday evening, Yo Yo came in and exclaimed that I was back. I told her I had been there for hours, watching soccer, Champions League. She said she would tell Dad that I was back. When I told her that he knew, she giggled, blew me a kiss, tossed her skirt up at the back, and left the room. 

September 19th: Zak's again yesterday. Mum likes it there, although "They know me in the kitchen" has begun. 

Dad asked me about the progression of Alzheimer's disease. This because he says Mum has slowed considerably, even if she pranced around the room when prompted by Dr G a couple of days ago. My experiences at Coast inform me that clients perform perfectly adequately in front of doctors. This prevented hospitalisation.

I shall search for texts for Dad. And, just for info, this is about one of the things he suffers from: PAD

September 20th: Fetched the balance of the 5mg Donezepil yesterday. To obtain the next batch will entail M & D appearing at the PsychoGerries office in Bytown. That will prove difficult. Apparently, it is too time consuming for Dr G to visit clients. What happened to the replacement for Greg?

September 27th: She's not in so bad a humour, although the new meds are causing her urinary problems. Also, she thinks that it is the spirits pouring water down her legs! 

October 1st: Quiet chat with Dad whilst Mum takes her time in her ablutions. Amongst a plethora of comments: She is fading, can't jump into bed like us, quoth Dad. And wonders who Katharine is whilst bouncing on my knee. Who is her mother, Mum asks, as Michelle sits ten feet away.

October 4th: Dad says the shouting last night came from Yo Yo failing to control the bath taps, washing her hair three times, walking into the bedroom wall when going to bed. And then trying to sleep by moving the pillow to between the single beds and trying to sleep across her bed. She had another row earlier when she said she didn't want to cook. Dad started the meal and then Momma started to interfere and moved things about the oven and so forth. Dad told me he regretted his loss of temper. 

Mum is certainly rapidly losing her memory and her logical thought. Last night, I told them the story of Charlie the Prince having been criticised for letters to the press. Sad, really, because how could one not sympathise with his anger at a council chopping down horse chestnut trees, for fear of being sued for conkers falling on people's heads. How ridiculous. But, having told the story, not three minutes later in comes Momma mine remarking that there are children below playing conkers!

October 9th: Cold and rainy weather. Because Mum does not want to cook, Dad has been providing soup and a sandwich. Good enough for sustenance, except that Mum says that she has never eaten a cheese sandwich in her life, or made one. Rapidly losing it. Forgotten that most people brush their teeth and rinse into the bathroom sink. Yelled at me for doing that, and promptly cleaned it with Tilex. The sink, that is.

October 16th: Cold and rainy again. Mum not in a bad mood today, but yesterday was horrendous. They were at each other endlessly, and Dad admitted "losing it" with her, because of her inability to agree to logical thought. 

October 18th: Mum goes up and down in humour and sensibility without warning in increasing frequency. What will transpire at and after the meeting with the replacement to Greg? On Friday, 25th, at 2pm, I believe, Louise Roy will appear. Given that Dad says Mum never sleeps well, he wants to add a sedative before her bedtime. Ask the doctors, I advised him.

October 21st: A bad weekend, poor behaviour and the normal rubbish. Dad said today that the new medication has accelerated her descent. How do we determine if this is true? Would it not be better to have her hospitalised to ascertain the facts?

October 24th: Another row about showering this morning. Followed by an argument about being polite (screaming for Dad, from the bathroom ,to dry her back, showing no manners) and then a contretemps about her lack of clean knickers. Those she had had on for a while really stank. Refuses to buy any, she only has two pairs and subsequently had to wear a pair of Dad's briefs. Advised Dad to just get some but he wondered where to go!

Madame Contradiction cannot balance or coordinate well or even walk far. She refuses to walk in the Malls, and, therefore has no physical exercise.

October 25th: The day after the snipers were caught napping in Washington. Mama was prone to following Dad everywhere yesterday, and, this morning, she was a little friendlier. She even asked me to describe the "fat lady on a plane" traumas for fellow passengers: for example, that thin lady that suffered internal injuries on a flight whilst the whale's husband sat in a row behind her.

October 26th: Louise Roy, the case worker, was here, and clearly won over Mama, who agreed to take day trips with her each week. Money for care raises its head, because it is recognised that Mama needs professional help. In an environment away from Dad.

October 27th: Fall back with the clocks, and back to normal with the argumentative crone. Was she ever horrid to dad yesterday, and, naturally, didn't know who was calling from New Zealand in the evening. Today, Sunday, she was persuaded out to Carlingwood Mall.
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