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July at the top; followed by August

July 1st: Every parking spot near Parliament Hill is taken by noon today. Canada's 135th Birthday. Yesterday evening, when I came back to the horror show, Mama accused me of borrowing the car. I said I had not done so, but, as I whispered to Dad, I wanted it for an hour or so. Yo Yo told me that my spirit guide had told her that I had taken the car. No, repeated I in a snit. Well, Yo Yo replied, your guide must have lied to me. I retreated to my room to gather my stuff, and she came and repeated that my guide had told her. I don't have a guide, said I. Everybody does, she sharply told me. Gather your own conclusions.

Today, I said you will soon have a nice surprise when Sarah gives you a hug. She told me she isn't coming, ho ho.

July 3rd: Took Sarah and Bren down to Montreal today in Dad's new 2001 Corolla. Nice car, runs very well, especially compared with his old one. However, a long time taken because of traffic and poor knowledge of the City. When I returned, Mum was spitting mad because Dad was worried about where I had been. Only three hours late, you see. This is supposed to give you an idea that having the extra bodies and going to a strange restaurant last night has woken Yo Yo's brain up a little. She still had to ask Dad yesterday lunch time who that lady was. "Is that Paul's daughter?" Ha, as if I didn't know that short term for her is milliseconds. The hot and humid weather is killing everybody, but tomorrow it should cool down a little.

July 5th: Lynn and Peter arrived, late. Of course, Mama ours said Lynn was sick with the 'flu and wouldn't be here. Astonishing to watch Dad drive, and poorly, just because it was his daughter that was coming. Oh well, fair enough isn't it? Can't deny him his delights, few as they are with the way Peggy acts. We drove in and went for dinner at Maxwells. Not bad at all.

When we had a chat at home after dinner, Peggy naturally revealed her mental state when talking about my use of the car. Told everyone that I could afford to have my own, and . . . . Lynn just smiled, as a Deputy Headmistress should at a recalcitrant infant.

July 7th: Lynn and Peter are here, as was stated on the 5th. Then, on Saturday, meal time at the Mekong included a round table and nine people arrayed around it. Lynn, Peter, Mum, Dad, Michelle, Katharine, me, Sarah and Bren. I went for a short walk with my two daughters whilst the others, except for Mum and Dad, were chatting in Darcy McGee's bar on a hot afternoon. Very, very strange for me, so I really don't know what Mum is thinking about all these sick and dead people that have suddenly appeared around her.

Odd, too, to see Lynn holding Mum's hand as they walked along Gloucester into town, part way to where Lynn and Peter are staying. Dad told me that Mum found it a bit hard to do the trip (down to Elgin, up to Spark and then back to Gloucester on Bronson). Still, she did it, and was fine this morning. The oldies went off shopping, I came down to do this, and they will meet with L&P this afternoon sometime. Sarah and Bren went back to Montreal, but return today. And, Michelle and Katharine are coming down on Sunday next. What is going on? Happy days, indeed. I hope Mum gets something good out of all this visiting. Watched Mum and Lynn smiling at each other. Then, at dinner, saw Dad give Mum a hug, and, it seemed to me, nearly burst into tears. Very emotional time for him. Of course, such an obvious statement to make.

July 8th: Does not take Mum long to become Yo Yo again. Opened up my bedroom door this morning just as she had dressed herself and told me that there was a big load waiting for me at work. Go to work early, said she. Then, when I ignored that and talked to them about what to do with our visitors, she told me that she didn't care who she sees, or who they are. Anyway, she was going for a walk with Lynn and Peter. So there!!

July 14th: It's going to be nasty after Lynn leaves. Mum is really poor whenever her tiredness takes over: too much walking with the nippers? Raving at me about my mode of dress and that Lynn had never asked me to be at dinner. Truth in that is that I feel terrible about not paying my share, but what means that in the long run? If I can find work, that is.

However, Mum is having a good time with the visitors, and actually enjoyed a vegetarian restaurant on Saturday evening, one in Dalhousie Street in Bytown. Good food, pick it oneself, she repeatedly said.

July 16th: Dad: Now you know what 2nd childhood is. As if we didn't know already! Mum was very rude to Dad at Maxwell's, and had stated that I had arranged to go out with someone else. She refused to believe that I had not. Added to that, she told me that I was rude not to have phoned the particular person. Ho, ho, ho! 

July 17th: Nuts again. Lynn and Peter don't want to go out, they won't be coming, etc. Lynn, natch, was able to quieten Yo Yo when she arrived on time, with her husband. And of they go, looking for flowers, which Mum really likes to do, it would seem.

July 21st: Lynn's not coming, she's in hospital. She has a rash. Right! And the rest. But, Lynn takes care of that when she arrives and tells Mum to tell the person (sprite) that told these lies to stop it!

Yesterday, Michelle and Renee and Katharine were here. Nice visit, but of course, all the same shenanigans. 

July 24th: Lynn and Peter leave today, and that will test Mum's wellbeing, I reckon. Also, met with George and Neil Russell yesterday, on other matters. We chatted about Mum and Dad, and it seems that the car crash might raise something of monetary substance. And, further, that, with the constriction in funding, matters are increasingly difficult for anyone, let alone the elderly.

July 26th: Yesterday evening was not good. It started when I returned prior to leaving for the Table on Dalhousie. Told Mum that it was sad that Lynn and Peter had left. Yo Yo replied that they hadn't gone, and that they were, in fact, living in the building opposite. She repeated this later to Dad at the restaurant. We had all been at this restaurant a week past, but Mum did not recognise the place or the mode of eating. She was about to walk out when I reminded her that she had had a nice meal here before. So, it settled down somewhat, and the meal progressed, although she was her usual moaning self about the food she had chosen. It was too tough, and so forth.

Then, after we had returned home, things went belly up. Dad had been short with her when returning to the car, when he yelled at her for not knowing where it was. Now, they had a row about her not being clean, and, truthfully, smelling of body odour quite badly. This occurs in the morning, especially after a warm night, and her smell makes one gag. She wants to refuse to shower, but Dad insists, and, finally, she goes in and takes one. This goes on for some time, eventually resulting in her yelling for Dad to show her how to turn the water off. 

Prior to the shower she had used the toilet, and hadn't turned on the fan, resulting in this awful smell penetrating into my bedroom. I went out to turn it on, to see them both walking towards me ranting at each other about cleanliness. She asked me if I smelt her, and when I replied that I did, she said it was only a kekkie, and it shouldn't matter. Draw your own conclusions!

August 1st: Dear Mama's 83rd birthday. Time marches on, as Dad said this morning. Our dear Yo Yo is somewhat happier, if no more hygienic, lately. Is the anti-psychotic working, or is it the overwhelming hot and humid weather? Well, let's see what dinner at the Amber garden brings!

August 3rd: Well, not bad of late, merely squabbles and one shower. Happy at Amber Garden, with the cake, candle and song!

August 8th: AG meal last night compounded by Yo Yo's idiocy. Firstly, at home, I could hear loud chatter. It turned out to be an argument about smelly armpits. Mum came into my room and asked me if she was smelly, and for me to smell under her arms. Yes, she did, was my reply. Her reply was that she couldn't smell herself. Eventually, before leaving, she put on some deodorant. Then, when we arrived, some old dear at the next table stank, just like Mum's fustiness. Awful. 

Mum complained that she had too much food for the main course, but ate a free, large dessert, even if her manners, of any kind, are sadly lacking. Not only that, but there was a large hair attached to my salmon!!

This morning, out on the veranda, watching the tower crane erection, I thought I would do Yo Yo a favour by placing her flower pots where she could see them. Silly of me. What a tirade of utter bollocks. When Dad came in for a towel, I mentioned that all I was trying to do was be nice. Well, she's always behaving like that, and you take after her with your personality. As if his inability to converse with her politely, as I witnessed last night at the AG, shows anything other than we are all under stress.  

August 10th: As I was taking out my laundry, Dad approached and said yesterday was a horrible day with Yo Yo. I had heard her screaming at Dad about him listening in to her conversations with her spirits and devils. He repeatedly told her he did not but she was adamant that he did listen. That was only one of the events. Lucky for me that I was largely absent.

August 12th: Well, Dad can't mail books to Lynn until Mama calms down. Yo Yo told Dad that he shouldn't mail anything to Lynn if she is living on the fifth floor of the apartment opposite. Big rows about that idiotic statement.

Yesterday's dinner was another fracas when Yo Yo insisted that Brie was not a cheese but a sweet, so why ever was it on her plate?!! And so it goes, as summer carries on its hot and swampy way.

August 19th: As the erectors continue with the tower crane opposite, now that Hydro put in an adequate power line, Mama continues with her devils and with calling Dad stupid. Why? Because he tells her there is something wrong if she cannot pee. Waving away the devils will not empty one's bladder. I told Dad that it is probably another urinary infection, but he wondered where it would come from. As I said, there is a lot of airborne bacteria, and Yo Yo is not exactly hygienic. And she must be touching contagious objects whilst they are out at the malls. I know she goes to the toilets in these establishments occasionally. 

The other thing is that Dad thought that I have no job, and told me he is worrying about it: this was his response to me when asking him how he was feeling (as he sat in a chair waiting for Yo Yo). In fact this newly found job related to a project for the ill-prepared poor will take some time to take off. For one thing, I need my computers out of storage and hooked up to the Internet. This scenario further exacerbates the problems relating to Mom and Pop.

August 20th: Mum is in the bathroom. She opens it, looks at Dad and then slams it. Dad tells me that she often does this, believing that he is up to no good!

August 28th: Mum is in vascillating mode, Greg is leaving and the file passes to whom? Mum doesn't want to take her meds: what's new? Lots of new things, but all the same!!

August 30th: Mum peed the bed, says Dad, aggravated. And she pretends illness, maybe through embarrassment. Not that she wasn't sick last night, with the knives, and her normal no one has ever helped me patter.

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