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Friday May 09, 2008

Thanks for the info on the Worldisk/Modus link drives, I was about to bite.

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Monday March 29, 2004

I can relate to you. I also worked at the AE internet cafe, the worst job experience of my life, due to the fact that my pay was 
often delayed and I was treated like a dog at first. I personally did not take any sh*t from Lorie. The truth is, she is very 
insecure. You have to stand up to her and tell her how you feel to her face. She will back off once she sees that you have 
"bite", kinda' like pit bulls....anyways, I compensated my poor wages and slavery treatment by shaking the till in a nonchalant 
kind of manner, accidentally forgetting to record clients using the I made approx $15/hr. Half of everything in 
there is stolen anyways. I wouldn't worry about Lorie because she is really hurting inside, she doesn't want to show it though. 
Like karma, what goes around, comes around. Cool site. 

On another note: Convergys sucks, don't work there unless you want to be treated like a $2 whore.


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Friday September 19, 2003

Cynthia again...
Thank you Cathy, I did find one book, but haven't been overly satisfied with it.  Will check out the ones you have recommended!


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Sunday September 07, 2003

Cathy Shea - San Francisco Bay Area

RE FrontPage books
Here are some titles I've used (all Osborne books):
FrontPage 2000 Answers! isbn 0--07-212101-7
Offers tech support format, FAQ

How to Do Everything with FrontPage 2000 isbn 0-07-212575-6
Task oriented

The Complete Reference, FrontPage 2000 isbn 0-07-211939-X
The most advanced and largest; reference style as the name implies. If I had to use only one book, I would keep this one.

You probably already found books by now, but what the heck. --cathy

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Tuesday May 13, 2003


Cynthia here, just a quick you have any decent help books on How to w/Front Page?

Cool site by the way, will take hours to check it all out, particularly at home where I am also on d i a l u p....
And the answer to that is the only books I have are all in storage, so I do all my work by default through guess work or the help section of the programme, which, sadly, is not always of any use. 

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Wednesday April 23, 2003

Hey man,

I just read your internet cafe horror story. Thanks! When I first finished school I was offered a job there, but I never called
back to schedule an interview. At the time, I had a bite that was more interesting. well, that prospect went sour and I've kind 
of regretted not taking the Internet cafe job ever since. Not anymore. Now I can clearly see that I've dodged a bullet. 
Again, thanks!



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I don't know if it was you that worked for Lori McConkey at AE micro, but by God man, I completely agree. Did you know 
she asked me to commit grand theft auto for her? With her crank dealer? And she was going to pay me 60 dollars.. Sacrement,
this woman needs a wake up call from the cops.
-call me Fry
Here is the link about the Internet Cafe story

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Read from top to bottom and now my eyes are crossed.  Wonderful website.
Where can I get information about your family? :)


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      Require your services this Sunday (May 26)at JSW for 6:15 kickoff. We're playing Gerry Fox's 
Rec team again, in preparation for the Peterborough tourney next weekend. Gerry has promised to behave
this time. 
Don't bother replying. If you're there, I'll assume you got this message.


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Hi Paul, got the cv url off to Christopher Darby, Prez of in Boston.  Holy shit, are these lines long or what. See ya at Starbucks. George

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UPDATE:  It's actually not bad and the guy is incredibly helpful and nice as it turned out.  I'd recommend him.
I appreciate your words/help though.

J, Ottawa

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Hi J,
I reported them to the Job Bank because they said there were 50 vacancies in the Ottawa area.
Not so, because I received Teacherland feedback that Korea was the only place available. 
That's on my web page, of course.

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Hi. I was looking for information on Teacherland (Ottawa) and your site came up in the search results.
I was considering applying there next week (I'm desperate for $ myself :).  I was curious though, 
what about it exactly was a scam? Cause now you have me concerned about whether or not I should apply.  
Was it just that you had to go to Korea or is there more I should know about?

J, Ottawa

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Hello from Canada.  I must say how pleased I was to see my Globe and Mail article about comedy on your site but I was wondering how and why it received this honour.  
Yours, Leatrice Spevack 

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Hey Paul,
Just saw your web page in my bookmarks and decided to see if you were still up.  Glad to see it!!

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Hey Paul, Chris Lydon now with a Recruitment Firm in Toronto dealing with management recruitment across Canada. 
Good to see you are still going strong. My Email is . I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello All,
l'Ancien gitte moi, will attempt to answer all questions that relate to computing or to my family.