Fitness 101, courtesy The Sunday Times, 1972

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Primarily, this is an excellent regime because it is done without equipment. There were no fitness clubs to waste your money on in those days. All you need is desire and enough room to wave your arms.

To begin, it might be better to try week one, and if that's too easy go to the next week's exercises on day two. Proceed until you reach a week that is hard for you, and start there with the seven days for that particular week. You might note that Week Four is a big jump from Week Three.

DO NOT use the sit-up exercise noted in the exercises: replace with the crunch from the Steely Abs page.
Do the hundred plus that is recommended either before or after the Commando routine. You should be able to add 25 crunches every week, at a minimum.

Of course, the sit-up exercise in the ten week regimen can be used, should you wish, but it becomes really difficult to do properly, and it hurts! I have done the sit-ups both ways. Can't say which I prefer.

You can, otherwise, use the modern sit up style, bent knees, should you wish, you pussy, you! But, because you're fat, that's why your wife went berserk. Of course, in this modern age, it could have been your same sex spouse!!! A healthy mind in a healthy body? Naturally, and this is why my hippo is increasing in size!


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This is what the text is in the image to the left. Remember, this is from 1972, so don't bother sending 60p in; they might think there is something odd going on!

Keep fit - it's easy
The Royal Marine Commando exercises that appeared in Look! have attracted impressive acknowledgement from the sporting world.

We hear from Tyne Tees Television, who commissioned the routines from the Commandos and made them available to The Sunday Times, that one of the football teams in Tyne Tees region, Hartlepool's, took them up after a disastrous run of losses.

Len Ashurst, the player-manager, actually called the Marines to put his men through their paces. The Commandos don't like to boast, but last week Hartlepools had lost only four of their last 15 matches. Whether to take on a Commando as a full-time trainer is now being considered.

We also hear that Vernon Stratton, the Olympic yachting team's manager, has asked for the full Commando exercise instructions to give to every skipper and crew. Stratton says he and their coach have tried the exercises themselves and are mightily impressed.

The Sunday Times wallchart of Commando exercises will soon be available. It is arranged to achieve three different levels of fitness, according to your needs and ambitions, and at roughly two feet by three will fit nicely on the bedroom door as a permanent reminder of the ten minutes daily work-out we owe our bodies.

It costs 60p, including posting and packing, which is cheap enough for a healthy life. Make your cheque out to Times Newspapers Limited and send it to Commando Wall Chart, The Sunday Times, 12, Coley Street, London, WC30 9YT. Early orders will secure the first charts off the presses, but we must ask you to allow up to a month for delivery.



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