Oh, for a real copy editor

I have, with real enjoyment, read ‘The Stillborn God’ by Mark Lilla, Vintage Books, 978-1-4000-7913-1. This Vintage edition has a purposefully written afterward. The final sentence cannot possibly be what was written, or intended, by the author.
The final paragraph of the afterword refers both to the Great Separation and the current Muslim world.
Whence, ‘. . . it does mean that they will have to find the theological resources within their own traditions to make it happen. And that will be up them, not us’.
Really now, should there not be the word ‘to’ in that last sentence? I burst out laughing, because this phrase is well known in the UK. Anyone who has seen ‘I’m all right, Jack’, starring Peter Sellers, will know why this is not a term of endearment.
On the last day of January I received a reply from Professor Lilla, viz. ‘Ouch’. Enough said.
(Originally published January 2009)

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