Dickins Family Page

Subject: Old acquaintance
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 20:55:56 +1100
From: "Norman Labrum"

Dear Paul,
I just came across your web site, via a link from the "Market Harborough" site. Your name rang a bell in my memory. You see, I clearly remembered a boy Dickins who was, I think, 2 years ahead of me at the M.H Grammar School: I'd no idea of his Christian name, because we always called him Runk - don't ask me why! However, one possible identifier that I recalled was that he went off to be a handicraft teacher. I dug out the 1938 school magazine, and there he was in the news item: "R.E. Dickins has passed the City & Guilds first Handicraft Examination in parts 1 and 2."
So I think I must be right in assuming I'm talking about your father. If so, please give him my very best wishes. He might care to swap a few reminiscences via your e-mail (that's if you don't mind of course) - I'd certainly like to.

I was in Harborough for a few days last June - my first visit there for 15 years. I enjoyed meeting quite a number of my old mates from MHGS - we seem to be a pretty durable lot!

Looking forward to hearing from you and "Runk"

Norman Labrum (MHGS 1932-1939)
Sydney, Australia (since 1946)

As it happens, my father inherited Runk from his brother Ken, and he can't remember why!! And he can't find out either, for the obvious reason. This came in October, 2000, and I have been under the weather, so I haven't dealt with this as I should.