High Speed Access in Canada, or, a good reason to move to Vancouver

06/05/2004: What is happening lately in the Cable v DSL war.
06/05/2004: Watching Shrek, gambling, too

05/01/2002: I know, the set of tables below this line is a historical comparison.

A few comparisons of high speed Internet access in Canada: xDSL, Cable and digital Wireless.

Note that general system requirements are Pentium 166 minimum: PowerPC through G3 for Mac: min 32MB RAM, usually 75MB HD free space, NIC (10Mbps Ethernet). All costs in C$.
: Telus in BC, the others in Ontario, viz., Ottawa

Contract Telus      
Consumer Home Business Pro Small business
Rate: down max 1.5Mbps 1.5Mbps 2.5Mbps 4Mbps
Rate: up max 512Kbps 512Kbps 640Kbps 640Kbps
email a/cs 3 3 5 10
Web space, MB 5 5 5 10
Dial-up, hrs 5 5 10 60
IP addresses 2 dynamic 2 dynamic 5 dynamic 5 static
Traffic: down 5GB 5GB 5GB 7GB
Traffic: up 1GB 1GB 2.5GB 3GB
Monthly cost, $ 39.95 54.95 64.95 164.95
Set up fee, $ 50 promo

110 regular

50 PC

175 regular

50 PC

175 regular

Other Domain hosting Domain hosting
Server hosting permitted
Contract Bell Home Bell AIBN Bell Emergis Magma   Trytel     echelon  
HSE; Home PPPoE; business ADSL; Business Basic Premium Home Premium Commercial Corporate Corporate Gold
Rate: down max 960Kbps/1.2Mbps 1.5Mbps 2.2Mbps 960Kbps 960Kbps 1.2Mbps 1.2Mbps 2.2Mbps 4Mbps 7.8Mbps
Rate: up max 120Kbps 700Kbps 120Kbps 120Kbps 320Kbps 320Kbps 640Kbps
email a/cs 1 5 5, each 20MB 5 5 2 4 10 10 20
Web space, MB 5 5 5 5 5 Virtual Web hosting 20 40
Dial-up, hrs 10 20 20 10 10 10 10
IP addresses 1 dynamic 1 dynamic 8 static 1 dynamic 1 static 1 dynamic 1 static Up to 6 static
Traffic: down Usage based: 50GB plus 15GB blocks

Flat: unlimited

Traffic: up
Monthly cost, $ 39.95 79.95 Usage based: 499 to max 3,000

Flat: 1,899

39.95 54.95 34.95 46.95 399.00 440.00 880.00
Set up fee, $ 34.95 to 249.95 200 to 350 250 both Free to 175 Free to 175 100 to 150 100 to 150 350.00 395.00 395.00
Other PPPoE PPPoE ADSL Alcatel modem, Cisco 1605 router PPPoE Uses Bell lines Gateway purchase
Gateway purchase
Gateway purchase

Cable: contention based; bandwidth experiences of users becoming better as competition from xDSL grows. And, below that, is digital wireless access from LookTvi

Contract Shaw@Home Rogers@Home Vidéotron
Rate: down max




Rate: up max local cap local cap local cap
email a/cs 7 5 3
Web space, MB 10 5 5
Dial-up, hrs 7
IP addresses 1 dynamic 1 plus extra at 19.95ea
Traffic: down 6GB
Traffic: up 1GB
Monthly cost, $ 39.95 39.95 (+ 10 if not on cable TV) 34.90 to 59.90
Set up fee, $ 150 80 to 200 69.95
Other In Ontario, just 15.05/month modem fee waived
 until modems can be bought
Contract LookTvi
Rate: down max 3Mbps
Rate: up max 200Kbps
email a/cs 5-70 depending on users contracted
Web space, MB
Dial-up, hrs
IP addresses
Traffic: down 15-80GB
Traffic: up
Monthly cost, $ from 129 for 3 users
Set up fee, $ 69.95
Other includes wireless modem, needs an antenna

Old Stuff, this, but interesting in itself to show what was going on early in the 21st Century:
Telus: BC and Alberta, coming to the East (currently business only).
Bell HSE: Ontario: promulgates PPPoE, which is a technical nightmare, implemented to allow lease of lines to companies like Magma. Nothing to do with technical excellence, although nominally introduced to allow DUN-like authentication, and reduces bandwidth by ca 10%. They are to upgrade the SMS system or change to Nortel or Cisco or similar hardware in the next few months. Business access, has PPPoE and ADSL versions, includes Digital Access Services. The ADSL service is to be upgraded, probably June 2001, to 2.5Mbps; the PPPoE home service to 1.5Mbps sometime soon 
Magma: Ottawa, also offer business rates for xDSL, ISDN and T1 but does not give prices over the Internet. Why not?
Trytel: Ottawa: Home and Work offers (1.1 and 2.2Mbps). Not PPPoE and bandwidth superior. Pricing is not and one has to purchase a router (modem) which is useless for other contracts. New to Ottawa's echelon is ADSL, at an extortionate cost although they state it is much cheaper than T1 or ISDN services. No matter, why can Telus offer its excellent service at such prices cf. Ontario.

UUNET offers 2.2Mbps ADSL, costing complicated, needs local ISP provider. National coverage, if spotty.
Shaw@Home: available from BC to Ontario. Rogers@Home is in Ontario, Vidéotron is in Québec. Cable rates claim up to 3Mbps, rarely achieved.

Another option is LookTVi, digital wireless. One or two way service is advertised. Residential service not offered due to overwhelming demand! Business service is one way and needs local radio direct sight tower for download, PSTN for upload. The company also offers SOHO, small business, etc., xDSL, SDSL, RADSL with minimum prices of $139, $199 and $309 per month.

There are excellent offerings in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and elsewhere: varying pricing structures. BC clearly beats Ontario in price and service. Can't wait for Telus to arrive in Ottawa, and not just with ClearNet!!