Sarah and Prassanavira
Registry wedding, Monday, November 13th., 2006
Here are three images from that date, including the two buddhist witnesses. They, like Prassanavira, have assumed names suitable to their religious beliefs. The wedding was held at Bow.

The house that Sarah and Prassanavira are inhabiting was not quite ready, but the laggard there has gone now.

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Sarah's mother, Christine Diana Morgan, has retired and is off to see the World with her sister(s). The twins will be seeing my sister in Auckland, I believe. See them as they were.

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And, two images of a faith founder, first here, and then below, where the scale of the Buddha in Cave 13 at Yungang can be judged by the life-sized figure under the structure's right hand (from 'Caves in the Desert', George Woodcock, isbn 0-88894-619-8):

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