Rhea Chandra Grace and Phoebe Padma Joy Linney
Rhea was born in London, England, on December 1st., 2006, early in the morning.
The blue-eyed, sort of blonde girl is to be named Rhea Chandra Grace, with the surname Linney. That's what I heard on 4th. January 2007 in a phone call from Sarah and Prasannavira's new home. They have moved in and I have found their neighbourhood on the Google Maps application: click on this image to see what it looks like around there. Approach Road is present, and off to the west north west, not far off that edge of the map, is Culford Road N1, where Sarah first lived as a baby.

Here is an ultra-sound shot, of June 2006, typically the technicians have written down the incorrect surname, so I don't really know! (click to enlarge):

Here she is at three days old:

Here are four photos taken in January 2007, click to enlarge:

Here is another, from an email from Sarah, of recent vintage. As usual, click to see the large image:

Typically, I received it two days after my 65th birthday. Sarah has a propensity to forget that my birthday is about two weeks before hers.
Here is an mpeg4 file showing Rhea, close to her 1st birthday, kicking leaves.

Below are recent photos, one includes Phoebe:

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