August 4th., 2007: London
This was an occasion that father (RE Dickins, Sarah's paternal grandfather) and I were unable to attend, for two different excuses/reasons.

However, several people were there from the families of both parents of Rhea, but the flickr site (the URL includes the parameters for this day) does not, at this time, identify anyone. Neither does this page completely: not until Sarah or someone else informs me, so that I can append names to most of whom I see here. A couple I can guess at, because they live in Montréal, and a few more, but! These are not quite all of the photographs available on the flickr and PhotoBox sites, but only if I've made a mistake.

In the first row, Katharine, my younger daughter, is in the first, her arms are in the second, she is also in the fourth and, if you can detect her, fifth; in the second row she's in the first, the fourth and the fifth; in the fourth row Katharine is in the first and fifth photographs. She is dancing with a guy in a kilt, whom I suspect is Will, Di's son, which is correct. As was sung by Ian Dury, wiv 'is Blockheads, "there ain't half been some clever bastards, lucky bleeders, lucky bleeders".

M. A. Henry is in the second row, first (where her head can be seen between Katharine and Will) and second photographs and in the fourth row, second again.
In the second row, fourth and fifth shots, the pair in pink and red is Diana, Sarah's mother, dancing with Peter, the doctor of Plockton. They are elsewhere in this section, blurred as always!

The cake is in the fourth row.

I have suspicions about several others seen here, but I'm probably wrong. Click any one of these to see them better:
First row, first picture: Diana under the arms with hands together, Ellie to her left, Prasannavira with Valerie perambulating under the arms of Will and Katharine. Andrew Olver is next to Katharine, blue shirt, glasses.
First row, fourth picture: Jack Richold next to Prasannavira, with Peter beyond in pink shirt.
Second row, second picture: Michelle with Andrew Olver, Prasannavira with Valerie, Graham Linney grey trousers sitting at right. Sarah is here in Ottawa, July 2008, visiting with others in the family for Dad's 89th birthday. Unfortunately, Rhea started her minor key caterwauling just as Sarah was telling me whose names go where. Naming stopped until later, or for ever.

Note that the photographs above are larger than the other set shown below. This may change eventually.
There are some interesting looking people, and at least a few are quite attractive. Political correctness is not my forte. Katharine did not know the names of the people above in the row immediately above, except for Sarah and Rhea. The lady on the right of the bottom row above is named Teresa, a close friend to Sarah.

Almost the same set, plus a lot more, photographs can also be seen at PhotoBox with login name of and password celebrate. The images can be viewed by clicking on My First Album and noticing that there are at least 92 photos there. One can see all of them or individual pages by clicking the relevant icons close to the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

Here are the photographs as captured, not as large as the originals are by any means (as shown in the technical sections of the PhotoBox page(s)). These are shown in some sort of primitive order because I have no knowledge of the actual turn of events and of where I have mistaken physical locations. Click on the images to see them (somewhat) better. Duplicates I found are shown above, not in the set below.

Lots of pictures in the gloom around here, what? However, quite interesting to be shown a Buddhist ceremony. Katharine told me that Val (old college mate of Di) and Colin Harvey, an architect once allied with Rick (Paul Richold), were at the ceremony, as was Chlöe, Val's daughter. I cannot find them in the photographs, but then I needed help to name others. Thirty years away has changed us all.

Third gloomy shot from the left above has Prasannavira's mother, sitting next to Michelle, as can be verified in the next photograph.
Buddha on the immediate left

Above: The Three and, on the right, Rhea held by Katharine.

Above: first photo contains Amy, Sarah's grandmother. The second has Will with Jack, Lel's son. In the third, the blonde, second from left, is Ellie, one of Lel's two daughters. The fourth shot has the great-grandmother infecting the great-granddaughter. I think that is Rick, Lel's husband, leaning on the wall in the fifth photograph.

Above, right-hand shot is Will and Katharine. Rick and Lel dancing next to Peter and Di, in second photo. Lel, Will and Di together in the third. Fourth has Peter, alone.
As usual, suspicions, not absolutes for these and others.
Below, several show Lel, Di's twin. Jake or Jack is dancing with her: Katharine wasn't sure of the name.

Above, left photo, has Ali dancing with Peter. Second has Lel facing away. Third has Peter and Di central. Right-hand shot has Ali just on left, with Michelle on right.

Rick, methinks, sitting not adjacent to Grannie Munson-Barkshire. Just as I would do, what? Second has Peter with Diana; third has Rick and Lel, and fourth has Lel, Rick, Peter and Ali.

After the celebration, there was a trip up to Scotland, two shots on a ferry:

Above, Katharine, Diana (née Christine Diana Munson-Barkshire)
Below, Sarah

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