RIM Playbook

 The playbook has a fault in its Music player.
Here is the proof:

Attaching the Playbook to the computer lists it as Z:\ and this is the listing for Cream's Goodbye tracks.
These were originally created using Sony software for its USB LP Player. It is not good. The replacements were created using SourceForge Audacity.
Much, much better. So, all the LPs were redone, and the files replaced. That worked for my iTunes/iPod combination.
That did not happen with the Playbook. Disastrous mélange of current and should be deleted files.

This is how the tracks are listed on the Playbook

My File Manager, a Playbook AppWorld download gives this listing. Files are accurate.
Below two Playbook File Manager examples:

The File Manager that comes with OS 2.0 shows this doubling of track names. There is also a fault with unknown LP/CD names, and doubling of the LP list.

This shows doubling/tripling of track names.

I can find nothing on the Web about this. Odd, what??