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Toronto, a ferry, a crashed car, and other scenes from life

Sarah off gallivanting at the Ritz, London, late 2002.
Before that, Katharine and Michelle on the VI ferry, 1998?

Above: Lynn, Katharine and Paul, driving around on Vancouver Island.

Above, on the Ferry from Vancouver Island, a summery day, with Lynn leading Katharine.

Above: Peggy as a happy lady. Below: Lynn prior to flying home to Auckland from Vancouver.
Bill Reid sculpture of the Raven, its origin in Haida lore.

Above: David Isherwood, Michelle and Katharine, Kerryn in the Shillington abode.
Below: watching Katharine, presumably.

Above: Nathan, Gabrielle and Alain's second child. Below: Alain with Nathan.

Above: The Campbell household at Thanksgiving, 1999

Above: a park in Toronto, with Renée, Isabelle, Norva, Michelle. Below: the Black and Blue Sisters

Below, 2002: Dad's old Toyota Corolla, till then in excellent condition, crunched in Ottawa by someone in a blinding hurry.

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