Ottawa, July 2008
Visit by family members for Ray Dickins' birthday.
Includes certain people in New York and Montréal en route to and from England and Australia.

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The thumbnail images below are as taken by each family member, except that they are now all pointing up, when viewed, that is. Running your mouse over each image will indicate who took the particular photo: by folder and/or initial.

A flaw has made some images seem horizontal in the thumbnail view. This is to do with EXIF data attached by the camera (later, cheap cameras, actually, since my earlier model works properly) to each digital file shot, which cannot be edited out by IrfanView, or any other programme, it seems. The problem is known for several (all) Microsoft operating systems, and has not been cured, because the EXIF is not a universal standard, and GDI+, which XP Pro uses, for example, can't cope with unusual parameters. End of lesson for today. Phonomania elatus presumptor.

There is a primitive attempt to keep these photographs in date order, but it's not critical, hein?
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In Auckland concurrently, the lemon tree overloaded with fruit.

Sarah, Prasannavira and Rhea in Montréal together with the Henry clan

At 420, Rhea centralis

David in New York, in transit to Ottawa from Sydney, via Seoul, New York, Toronto: victim of attempted mugging, and had his Australian money picked along with his wallet. NYPD antique equipment present at station he visited. Note the 'naked cowboy'.

Park, north end of Bronson Ave: looking from here down to the Blues Festival on Le Breton Flats.

Rhea reading: two more at the park on Somerset opposite to the apartment block where Gouzenko hid out from the KGB.

Upstairs at the Mekong, where, unfortunately for this occasion, the service was inordinately slow and accident prone. The birthday lunch for Raymond Ernest Dickins, July 9th., 2008, when he reached 89.

Dad wondering how to blow the candles out, looking at two cakes, both with strawberries and lots of trans fats and cholesterol, just right!

In the Minto hotel room, attempting to maintain the Rhea equanimity.

The Pretoria Bridge, left, traversing the Rideau Canal, opened. Elgin Starbucks, including the inimitable Terry.

Parliament Hill, etc. Notice cocoon on a tower in the distance, the obvious statement of deterioration, not being halted or repaired quickly enough to maintain integrity, either. Note the obvious disparity in the ranks, with the reservists who form these detachments not being dealt with in a proper fashion. Guardsmen, indeed!

The north end of Elgin, at the War Memorial
In some images, one can see the deteriorating structure of the Parliament buildings, which successive governments are too frightened to fix. What? It's the national centre, the pride of Canada, and should be maintained properly. Leaks, too, at the National Archives. What price history?

The Rideau locks, where much water moves, and energy spent, to raise fibre-glass monstrosities.

Lynn and David perambulating, all over Ottawa

At 420

First time at Zak's Diner

At Mekong, the two daughters and my granddaughter, too. One daughter with her mother. And the others.

David, Lynn at Blues Festival at Le Breton: unlike Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, etc., in UK, the seat sitters upset the scenario. Dancing suffers, which does not help the performers and, equally, holding it within earshot of downtown does not help with sound levels. Move it elsewhere, and have autobus shuttles. No cars should be allowed anywhere near.

The soap, the soap. On the way to the Museum of Civilisation (Katharine, Prasannavira, Sarah, Rhea) and a view from there. From the Québec side, one sees the majestic buildings of Parliament Hill, and the Art Gallery. From Ontario, one sees the particularly ugly edifices erected by both Canada and Québec. Pathetic planning. And, on the le Breton flats, the condominium monstrosity built near to the War Museum. Who on earth allowed that eyesore?

At Zak's Diner

Maman, at the National Art Gallery. The mammoths outside the Natural History Museum

On Sparks Street

Isherwood perambulations in reverse

Alors, 420 Gloucester

Bike ride to Gatineau Park, trois des anglaises avec David


Boat trip from the foot of the locks onto the Ottawa River, showing the falls, the bridges, the other side of the river, and the fact that the Ottawa river carries far less water than it did immediately after the last Ice Age. That's why the Rideau Falls are falls.

Later that day

Southern Cross, the Tex-Mex restaurant, last evening of the main group together

Various, including photos Lynn took after David went back to Oz.

Raymond Ernest on Sparks and Elgin, July 20th., 2008, watching flowers grow


At 420 25th/27th July