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England, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and Uncle Tom Cobley

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In Bristol, I think, Diana and Sarah, in 1999 at Maxine's wedding,
(a childhood friend, a daughter, as is Chloë, of Val and Colin Harvey).

Lynn in Japan 1999, dressed to kill

Now, now, I'm the headmistress, don't play games with me.

A real Japanese restaurant with three of Lynn's confrères from Mount Roskill Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand.
So, that's were they are from and this is where they were. Big bottle of Soy sauce in front? 1999

Garden plant in Lynn's back yard: 

Click on the green for Lynn's trip to Singapore

Katharine and Isabelle in Ottawa with Max/Flora, the rabbit, January 2000: bloody thing ate a lot of my electrical cables;
nibble, nibble, nibble, the little bugger. I'm glad it is now in Montréal! No doubt it is confused,
being referred to with a doe's name rather than its proper, buck's name of Max. Too costly to neuter.

Birthday girl, 5

Nathan, youngest Henry/Manseau, le boxeur, l'ascensionniste

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