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Now, Canada, namely Vancouver for twenty odd years, and then to Ottawa, rats!!

David Isherwood at two, next to an obvious soccer player (skinny arms, strong legs), in Kitsilano,
on the west side of Vancouver in the background. Next is Dad, David, Lynn in
Queen Elizabeth Park, Cambie Street, both photographs taken in August, 1977.
I had been there since June 4th, late of Bristol, England.


Playing for Delta United, based at Association Park, Ladner, just off the road to Tsawwassen and the Island.
Early days in BC. Of course, we lost this game. On the right, happy days, or evenings: Dave Brown, and friends
having just left Rohan's on West 4th at Macdonald, after getting sweaty, 1979-80

NZ in '81 or later, with Peter, Peggy, Ray and David. On the right, the beach sprint.


Meanwhile: in Essex are Maxine and Chlöe dressing up, '81 and, four years later, Paul and Harriet Alana Burgess in Vancouver

Lynn, Auckland, 1990, School Mistress. Disciplinarian, forsooth! Now, 2001, has been Deputy Headmistress,
at Mount Roskill Intermediate School, for some time. Teaching skills, undoubtedly!

Mid '90s: BCSRA Executive, all referees, some better than others. The late John Meachin, FIFA ref and local teacher,
really nice man, 3rd from left, died early 2001. Fifth from left is Joe Ciresi, then President,
a nice guy, but I should have sued him for racist comments that he made about my wife.

Now we'll take a quick trip to Trinidad for the origin of the Montréal connection.

rambert_trini_a.jpg (23486 bytes)  

On the left the Rambert grandparents and to the right is the very young Michelle, 1957.

d&m_trini.jpg (13881 bytes)

Dawne and Michelle ca '61, Port of Spain

norva.jpg (13980 bytes)    m&d_girls.jpg (11366 bytes)

Norva, née Rambert, and her eldest daughters, Dawne and Michelle

Moving back, to Canada, viz. BC, Ontario and Québéc

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Les femmes de Montréal, c'est vrai? '92. Gabrielle, Renée, Dawne and Norva, the mother of these
four, with Michelle in front.  The Campbells: David, Timothy, Kegan, Dawne

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 rdps.jpg (29868 bytes) 

Ray, David, Paul, Sarah and Michelle, Lynn, Peggy @ Sophie's, '93

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sea_to_sky.jpg (24996 bytes)  
Above: David, Lynn, Peggy, Ray & Michelle: Sea to Sky, August '93  
The photographs around here are in because of a wedding, Saturday, August 21st., 1993.
The wedding was held in a parish church in West Vancouver, and the meal was on Broadway, in Vancouver.
Exactly 25 years ago was my other wedding. Do I wait the same time for the third?
Below: Norva & Bertrand Henry, Michelle's parents, Trinidadians, living in Montréal, here in West Vancouver '93

norva_bertrand.jpg (18498 bytes)


victoria.jpg (50155 bytes)

Above:  Sarah, Michelle, Craig, Renée and Norva: Victoria '93
Below: Sarah, Lynn & David, her son, @ du Four, Cambie and Broadway '93
 sld.jpg (28837 bytes)


Katharine in the womb, two ultrasound views at about four months.
Amazing stuff at Grace Hospital, Cambie Street, Vancouver; 1994,
prior to Katharine's birth, January 8th., 1995

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Above: Paul with Renée, Michelle's third sister, Granville Island, '93  Below
: at Kristy's house, Trinity St., Vancouver, early '95

kristy.jpg (27245 bytes)



Katharine and father, 1996

melange.jpg (20061 bytes)

In Montréal with Isabelle, Katharine, rag doll on plate, Alain, Renée, Xmas '97

famille_henry_dickins.jpg (38013 bytes)

La famille Henry-Dickins, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, '98

 sarah_katharine.jpg (28988 bytes)
Both of my daughters, Heather St., Vancouver, August '96
Below, childhood innocence in a Vancouver garden, Summer '98.
This is Katharine, who arrived 24 years after my first daughter, Sarah,
who is a Shiatsu proponent and a Buddhist and can be found
in London or the west of Scotland.
k on chair in garden.bmp (253494 bytes)


 lynn_ray.jpg (22117 bytes) 

Ray Dickins and daughter, Lynn (visiting from Auckland, NZ) '98  Lynn, Paul,
Michelle, Ray, Katharine, Peggy, '98 photos above at Sophie's Cosmic Café
on 4th Avenue & Arbutus, Kitsilano, Vancouver.

sophies_family.jpg (33035 bytes)

And, because we had a lot of fun there, here is Sophie's Cosmic Café phone number: 604-732-6810

kits_beach2.jpg (16159 bytes) 
Kits beach, early '98, windy, cool day
Katherine and her friend, Stephanie, Heather Street, Vancouver '98
steph_kath.jpg (20694 bytes)

three.jpg (57387 bytes)

January 8th, '98: Katharine Norva Edith Dickins' third birthday, in the basement apartment.
Being applauded for having blown out the candles.

famille_manseau.jpg (29883 bytes)

Alain, Nathan, Isabelle, et la belle mère Gabrielle, '98.
Gabrielle is the third eldest of the four Henry sisters

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