2010 and later
Here is my Bilenky Cargo Bike: what I use instead of a car:
There are more photographs, of this bicycle and other cargo bikes on my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/12264415@N04/
And, here is Frank Zappa with the second reason my steed is called Dinah-Moe Humm! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRwGqf2glDs

Here is my bicycle, more recently, with the larger chain sprocket, parked alongside two other cargo bikes; one is Gary's original Bilenky, and the other the Danish Bullittt aluminium machine he now prefers:

Bilenky is in Philadelphia and is well-known for its products. Here is a link to their site's Testimonials page. I am really impressed by the cargo bike and its cousin the Viewpoint, which is a tandem. The latter's shown on the second and third photo on the linked page.
The whole thing, however, is comical in my view, when I discovered where the cycle works was situated according to Google Street View:

The cycle works is at the end of the road, to the right; it's shown right there using Google Maps, in normal plan view, and the company is named, actually! It seems to me as if it would fit in a scene from The Deer Hunter.
The instructions on their web site mention using Fisher Road to reach 5319 North 2nd, and here is how it looks of late at the junction, after you have come down Front Street from Roosevelt Boulevard, assuming one has been travelling long distance:

The three images above show what's at the end of the street, what it looks like down to Fisher, and the derelict (?) house and open industrial waste land to the west of where Bilenky has its emporium. Plan of the area, next below:

Behind the trees is the railway line. Highly industrialised area, except that there are houses on the western side of the street, and, in fact, there are houses everywhere mixed in with small industry. Interesting area.

Back in Ottawa: the rear view of a coffee house that I frequent. Over the road is Minto Park. And a church of some description. Coffee comes in various tastes and qualities; I am not a gourmet, so I go where I can enjoy myself. I read, converse with some, denigrate others, and have a ready parking tree for my Bilenky, Dinah-Moe Humm.

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