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In and around the apartment on Gloucester Street

Above is Bren, Sarah's onetime Irish connection. Below is Katharine with her father.

Above: the left edge of Peggy, the smiling visage of Lynn. Below: electrocution makes Paul smile

Above: the dreaming lady. Below: happy is as happy does, Peggy and Lynn

Above: née Douglas, Isherwood née Dickins, Raymond Ernest Dickins, paterfamilias. Below: Peggy, Lynn, Ray, Sarah with halos.

Above: Peter, Lynn's ex-teacher husband. Below: Peter in the background, Michelle Henry foreground.

Lastly, the eldest of my two beautiful daughters, Sarah.
She is twenty-three years older than the other one, Katharine,
viz April 7th., 1971 and January 8th 1995.

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