Here is Merv's news cutting: can you help me name any more of these people?

Left to right bottom row Winkey Oram (Welland Park Rd), Dave Wilson, Pat Patrick(Nithsdale Av), Peter Harris & Merv Tilley (Granville Street).

Middle row left to right Roger Copping? (Bath Street), Richard Wogger Wallis (Patrick Street)

Extreme top right corner Froggy Freer. Third from left, back row Merv believes is Bernard Harris, Peter's brother.

Email of December 9th., 2001
Yet more names to faces from Bernard Harris:

 I enjoyed seeing the picture of the swimming club; how we have changed.
 I think the person next to Richard Wallis is Richard Winters who lived in Springfield St., and behind him is Michael Jenner who I think had the "Grove" opposite the baths and the person on the back row next to the diving board is Phil Bellamy, an old friend of mine who used to live in Nithsdale Avenue and later moved up to a road off Great Bowden Road.
This is all very interesting, so keep in touch.
                All the best,