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This page is all about the family that lived in and around Wellingborough from information sent me by Jane Read, my second cousin.

August 30th., 2010: I was researching into my Great Grandmother's family and the date of her wedding, etc., when in frustration I typed in Dickins of Walgrave. Up came Dickins of Market Harborough, so I thought I would have a quick look as my Great Uncle came from MH and he was a Dickins. I scanned down the script and came across a photograph of my Great Uncle Ern, then my grandmother, then mention of Great Grandma's address, 10 Midland Cottages. How amazing.

Your Dad and my Dad were cousins. My Father was Keith, eldest son of Edith Faulkner, your Grandfather's sister. It is amazing that we have never met as I lived with Grandmother Edith until I was 7 and spent much time with her afterwards. I knew your Grandfather Ernest; I thought he was a lovely man and enjoyed his visits. Grandmother Edith was also a lay preacher. (My Great Aunt! editor)

My Father often spoke of your father and his brothers with affection.

Great Grandmother Martha, can you remember her? Everyone was in awe of her - 'look out' they would shout, 'here comes Great Grandma' - and she would appear in a long black dress and a white apron. I was appalled to read about her attitude to your Grandmother Edith . That is why I probably have no recollection of your Grandmother because she would not want to come to Wellingborough with that dreadful attitude from her Mother-in-law. (I was in my teens before I started to visit Wellingborough and specifically the houses next to the Chapel where I met Great-Aunt Edith's children: editor)

Strange, but the Woods family lived next door, in Eastfield Rd, to my other Grandma. Terence, the youngest son of my Grandmother Edith, lived opposite the Woods family in Eastfield Road.

Hope to hear from you and exchange some more family memories. (Now friends on Facebook: editor).

I still have not solved the problem of Martha and Arthur's marriage or Martha's parents. There were 3 girls born in Hannington with the same surname as Martha, and in the same era as Martha, who ended up in the workhouse in Brixworth nearby. I wondered if they were related because I found that very sad. Martha at that time was a 15 year old servant and was also born in Hannington.

Best wishes,

September 21st., 2010:
Hi Paul,
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. When I emailed you I had just returned from holiday and have only now caught up on events.
I will start with Grandma Edith, your Grandfather's sister. She was called Nanna by everyone. I am not too good on the dates.

Edith (Ernest Frederick's sister) and Fred had three children, Keith, Sheila and Terence:
Keith Wilfred: born 16th December 1919; died 24th February 1988.
Sheila Gwyneth: died around 1999.
Terence Arthur 9th September1924 -
(I will find out the dates from Uncle Terence)

Keith married Eva (who lived at 8 Eastfield Road next to the Woods)
Eva died 18th December 2000. They had two daughters, Jane and Ann:
Jane, born 11th July 1942, married David - we have two sons, Philip, 45, and Richard, 42, and one grandson Christoph, 13 (mother is Austrian).
Ann married Roy, who died in 1998. They had two daughters Helen, 42, and Katherine, 39.

Sheila married Ted Wilson (both died 1999) and had two sons: Alan, 46, married Caroline, with one son and one daughter, and Stephen, 43.

Terence married Mary and had a son, David, and a daughter, Caroline:
David, 55, married ? with two daughters and a son, who now has three children. (Sorry: an age thing temporarily forgotten David's wife's name - I see David often when he comes down from Liverpool but his wife does not come with him!). Caroline, 50, now single, has one daughter, two sons and three grandchildren.

Looking through my sister's research on our family history I discovered that our great grandmother Martha had a brother who kept the Locomotive Pub opposite the Chapel in Finedon Road, Wellingborough.

Also, I remember going with Nanna to her cousin's house, Ada Smart, in Earls Barton. Aunt Ada had Alzheimer's disease and Nanna visited her regularly to look after her. She was the daughter of Mary Ann Blundell and was born in the workhouse in Brixworth and was illegitimate. When Ada died she left the house to Nanna. I have a feeling this was Grandma Martha's sister. Uncle Terence has the paperwork.

Grandfather Ernest had a brother called Harry as we all knew him: not that I met him. He died before I was born. Harry married Lottie, a lovely lady, and they had one daughter Eileen who married Cyril. They both died in 1999.

Sheila and Ted, Eileen and Cyril lived next door to each other in Finedon Road where one of the photographs on the internet (the page you were on to reach here: editor) was taken. They all died within 3 months of each other.

It is really lovely to find someone who can share my great grandmother with as she was a right character. My sister does not remember her and my other cousins are far too young.

Uncle Terence has a box of information that I must rifle through for exact dates etc. (That's something that I would really like to know all about: editor).
Hope that is enough information for a start.
Hope you are keeping well and look forward in hearing from you again.
Best wishes,

October 1st., 2010: This email arrived after I, Paul, had searched for Jane on facebook, with success as it has turned out.

Hi Paul,
My Grandson put me on Facebook and I am afraid my family are all addicted to Bejewelled - pathetic really!
I will look you up.

I do work on my computer quite a lot as I am Churchwarden of the Parish Church and we are without a Priest at present, so there are a great many things to organise. Also, I am Chair of Governors for our Church School although, after about 18 years in that position, I am thinking of retiring at Christmas; but I will still keep in touch and take a weekly assembly.


(Emails have been edited a little: editor. I do hope that Jane does not run away screaming when she notices that I am a confirmed atheist! Not that Prasannavira and Sarah seem to care! I enjoy reading all of the stuff that trickles and sometimes pours down the internet chute.)

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