George Bernard Shaw: A new phonetic alphabet, new in the sixties that is.

The Shaw alphabet was introduced in the early sixties after a competition, where the following illustrations shew the winning design.

There was not, as one can imagine, a sudden surge for this radical change to become adopted. It came out, sputtering, in a publication of Shaw's 'Androcles and the Lion', a Penguin, Q29 ca 1961. Now, aren't you just enthralled with this discovery? Not that the book was easy to read if one ignored the normal alphabet alongside!

Penguin Books, 1962. Softcover. 7 Inches. 151 pages, foreword by C. R. Sopwith, Public Trustee, introduction to Shaw's alphabet by Sir James Pitman, card laid in with the Shaw Alphabet Reading Key on one side and the Shaw Alphabet for Writers on the reverse, pictorial wraps by Germano Facetti. An old fable renovated by Shaw with a parallel text in Shaw's alphabet to be read in conjunction showing its economies in writing and reading.