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In essence: "Today, many physicists believe that nothingness is the foundation of everything, not just the arena in which matter resides but the substrate from which matter is actually constructed. As physicists envision the universe now, everything that exists is ultimately just a complex unfolding of the underlying substrate of empty space. This vision presents the universe, as English physicist Paul Davies has summed it up, as 'nothing but structured nothingness' " - Margaret Wertheim in the Los Angeles Times.

It would seem, in 250 million years, that Canada will be tropical, run by the ants, termites and cockroaches that have survived homo sapiens' "successful" attempt to prevent the onset of the impending Ice Age, normally expected to arrive in the 23rd or 24th Century AD (President "Mr Intelligence" George Dubya Bush of the USA resolving to disavow Kyoto). That the US has chosen to attack terrorism does not mean that all other matters in the world paused indefinitely in their path towards completion. 

Yet hark, who was Mikhail Andreas Bogdanovich Barclay de Tolly? Apparently, of Scots ancestry, like one in six Canadians. He was a Russian general in the Napoleonic Wars. So what, say you? Learn that knowledge encompasses the thoughtful moments of rational men and women. Forgetting one's history means one repeats it, often to one's everlasting regret. Here endeth the lesson. Mischief, what?