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Technical News and Views from a hole in the ground: 2011 and 2012

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February 7th '11: Repeated from 2011 is some stuff about enabling a Sony USB turntable under Windows 7 Ultimate.
Need to find a new home, which will result in nothing much here until that is accomplished. Then there will be much to report. Updates to Microsoft OS are a menace and a couple of my machines are becoming old in the mouth. Tempus fugit.

March 3rd '11: iPod and Win 7 SP1. What a mess that has proved to be, when the SP1 was added to Gallowglass as an update, to the XW8200 HP workstation. Hanging, fatal errors, both on this particular computer and also on Oxford (where 'working last' was invoked to return it to Win 7 Ult without the SP1). I had to install iTunes, QuickTime, Office 2010, etc., all over again. The iTunes software would not let me import all of the music. Still not cured, and it's to do with licencing. That does not matter with me, since every CD/LP that I had previously imported were my own purchases. That iTunes downloaded my purchases is fine, but not to allow me to import, from the iPod, the tracks from LPs and CDs is pathetically poor.

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