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Technical News and Views from a hole in the ground: 2010

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May 22nd: Have not been updating these pages, and since my father died last year things of importance have a different ranking.

Nevertheless, there have been many computer changes of late. Yesterday, after having a need to replace a spare SATA drive, that would not start when I tried to replace the boot drive in my White Box, Oxford, I was given one by CSH in its place.

Oxford was renewed with a 500GB SATA, in place of the 160, old technology, SATA that had been working. The machine suddenly crashed and rebooted, and kept doing this until I discovered that the drive had failed. Plenty of space now for all that is needed until the machine becomes too old for Windows of whatever comes after 7 Ultimate! Office 2010 has been installed on Oxford, and I shall play with it until I feel secure enough to place it on my other machines, especially the two XW Workstations.

One of the XW, a 4300, had been using an 80GB SATA as its boot drive. This was replaced by another 500GB (the dead spare 400GB factory refurbished SATA drive). The Windows 7 machine allowed me to make a system disk, and then back up a system image to one of the larger drives on the SATA external array. I followed the instructions and it worked, even though I had chickens when noticing that, on the original restart there were drive letter errors. However, after a reboot when the new boot drivers were installed, everything started up without a problem, almost as if nothing had changed. The final act was to use Computer Management and expand the new volume to the maximum allowed. That's all that was needed; a far cry from Windows for Workgroups 3.1! 

Here is some stuff about enabling a Sony USB turntable under Windows 7 Ultimate.

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