Technical News and Views from a hole in the ground: 2004
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January 12th: There is nothing new to report so far this year. I have decided that updating my sites will have to wait until I reacquire a high-speed Internet access. Otherwise, handling over a thousand pages would become too wearying.

January 26th: Technical news is relatively unimportant, I believe. What has become more critical is the realisation that people who are unemployed and in the grey stages of life are unlikely to be reemployed. Why? Well, because of the swell of recognition that a great many tech jobs will be exported from North America, and Western Europe, to the burgeoning educated work forces of Asia. These areas have a highly educated pool of some 300 million people, out of the five billion approximate total of that region. Africa is nowhere, unless the horrors of racism, caused by tribal politics, based on straight lines written on the map by past colonialists, are removed. Fat bloody chance of that ever happening: look at the idiot in charge of South Africa, Mbeki. He has no adequate policies regarding anything other than going softly, softly regarding Mugabe and land ownership, both in Zimbabwe and in SA, and has a blinkered vision of the AIDS blight. And his attitude is mirrored by the governments of most of those states adjoining Zimbabwe. And don't even think of the Horn of Africa.

January 29th: Other than being involved in an update to the Compact Music site to accommodate eCommerce possibilities, I have been pratting about adding historical and social pages to Nothing much else to report, other than crunch time is coming up regarding where on earth I will be working. Physiotherapy ends next Monday, as do WSIB benefits. Oh, the Ides of March.

March 22nd: Two days before something significant of a personal nature.

This movie was not just contentious, it would have only been possible using modern editing and IT methodology. So, this is progress? Not in my view. I simply loathe simplistic religious mania, and, usually mutually held by the great unwashed, Creationism. Darwin may have been a product of his time, namely a racist, but his underlying theoretical beliefs, regarding the development of life, have been verified time after time. As can be seen on my AndNow page, one of my heroes is Philip Pullman, that writer of first-rate books for the intelligent child, and someone who can have a dialogue with an Anglican Archbishop without losing his temper.

April 22nd: The appearance of white, plain background here is a result of discovering that FrontPage themes do not work with Netscape or Mozilla. Some of my friends, amongst the totality of readers, have experienced problems with viewing my pages. This was particularly apparent wherever I used bulleted lists, where anything other than IE showed misalignment. I could not cure this, so I have changed such lists to numbered items.

September 15th: The use of dial-up compared with what I used to have, two forms of high-speed access, was shown in a poor guise in the past few days. I had been receiving the odd email from EIM about possible jobs. Then, just after 9th September, the same email, of 677kb, kept appearing and caused Outlook to clog, to bounce proper emails that I normally receive and to otherwise upset my computer usage. Rotten experience, which has only just ended.

September 30th: The no-signal error that occurred on one of my main computers has been fixed, sort of.  I had simply shut down Oxford, a Win2k Pro SP4 PII, and moved it down one shelf. When I tried to restart it, nothing would work, because it stalled on an error referring to the system hive. The monitor, working fine before, still won't work, even when putting it on the end of other working machines. So, no idea what has happened there. Some aberrant electrical signal? So, I attempted Recovery Console, a reinstall and everything I tried resulted in OS not found. Still hasn't been found, even after installing Win2k Server and updating to SP4. Note: copying over the software hive from the 2kPro folder allows me to use the programmes in the Server startup, (including those installed in the Programmes folder within the Win2k Pro folder). Strange fruit indeed. Now to obtain another monitor, and then continue learning EasyPHP and any other stuff mentioned previously.

The other thing is that I am trying to set up my HP PA-RISC pizza box, named Somerset, to run Debian Woody, which is native for this architecture. I am also trying to sort out a better machine for the volunteer job I have found at and have something like EasyPHP running on one of my home machines, one of my Win2k servers, or concurrently with PHP running on the Debian packages. I need PHP, allied to Apache and MySQL, so that the website that is up now can be easily edited by me, because the other volunteers need some spare time at their colleges, and I love to play with this stuff. We'll see.

October 8th: The office needs to be sorted around: I brought up, on a dolly, the old NEC 21" I had in storage, and this only runs at 1024 and has an uncontrollable urge to wobble. Interference from the mass of cables it is close to. Need to raise it up and move everything around. My injured sacro-iliac area gave me gyp, although walking has alleviated the effects of lifting this extremely heavy object. I forgot how much bigger it was in length than the newer Sony monitors in my possession.

November 28th: The past two days has been spent trying to fix my PDC: Win2k AD m/c. Video problems following a graceful shut down. One beep, three beeps repeated: then nothing. So, moved down the BDC, reattached it to the network: forced the transfer of schema roles and rebooted. Then, promoted a server to domain controller and made it a GC replication machine. Now to see if I can repair the faulty box, or get another and transfer the innards and make it work as a DC under another name. It sounds like it isn't much, but it took a long time. For instance, the BDC would not restart, even after I had been out for two hours. Removed the power cord and bingo, everything better!

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