Time Line 2002 
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Technical News and Views from a hole in the ground: 2002

Time Line Base.  Also, the travails of an Internet Café worker ant in 2002

January 16th: Everything changes, not. I had applied for an ESL position in Ottawa. Only to find out that it was a scam from Teacherland, to have people go to Korea. The job posting, at the Laurier Street Job Bank, mentioned open positions for fifty in this specific area. Should have realised the improbability of that figure immediately. Desperation on my part, undoubtedly. I need to stay in Ottawa: aged parents, what!

February 27th: Well, I tried to repair a friend's computer yesterday. No luck. The CD-Rom was not working, and the Windows 98 start up hangs at the point of accessing that peripheral. Then, to cap it, after I'd played around for a while, his monitor wouldn't light up. Will have to return and sort it out. Too tired and hot by the end of the shift. 

The only bright spot in a dark day was looking at a gorgeous black woman, chatting with two other ladies, in Woody's, on Elgin, as I ate. Dream on, fool!

March 24th: A Sunday, cold but sunny. Nothing to report, except that the HP Compaq merger is not yet set. Marketing rules too often in the technical arena, where a balance would be best. And, I turned 60!

April 12th: After a period of reflection, a few days, I am now desperately hunting for another job. The Internet Cafe position failed. Life is wonderful, what? Apart, that is, from dealing with my demented Mama, and an increasingly upset and stressed out Papa.

I really do need to have my computer network and Internet access resurrected. And then to fight the good fight. This constant lack of decent practice at what I am good at, apart from my other interests, is leaving me far, far behind those who can afford a real life. Compared with mine, that is.

April 15th: Amazed that I can keep my domains alive, but this month was the worst I've been financially, since Michelle left our nest. No receipt of owed payment from AE Microsystems, although they state that they might give me further hours! I thought they couldn't, or wouldn't, pay me?

Have given my two daughters email addresses from http://mattoid.ca so that they can download files with no practical size limitations. Plus, having a highly specific, rare email address adds some degree of snob value, hein?

April 26th: Anyone who has trawled the pages on this domain knows that my luck has been shot since about 1995. So what? Well, now I am having the usual scum of the earth, collection agent workers giving me flack about my Student Loan. If the Federal (?) givers of the loan had had any sense, they would have determined the status of lots of their creditors before setting the bloodhounds on them. These collection people, of whichever particular company they belong to, are the worst of the worst. Self righteous, wrong headed twerps, to put the noun in a less nasty form than they deserve. 

One day soon, I do hope, I will gain employment and attack these swine with vigour. 

The above is not really to do with IT, except that I have no computers (no house or apartment where I could re-install my network) on which to work towards my certification. How then can I finish my MCSE, especially since the software has changed so drastically in the last three years at Microsoft? My exams were based, originally, on NT4. Now, Windows 2000 has been superseded by .NET and whatever else that has been upgraded of necessity. Goal posts moving into the far distance, what?

One nice thing, is that I have been given the latest Mandrake Linux Server CDs, by a friendly IT tech at TCC, with which software I will play as soon as . . . . . .

June 3rd: I had placed stuff about the AE Internet Cafe here, but, as you can see from the top of this page, it deserves separate mention.

June 19th: I will have to find money to pay for three months in advance for two of my domains. I have asked to continue payment by monthly Money Order, but that is against their regulations. This adds more stress to my latent condition: I have, of late, been finding myself increasingly prone to the Black Dog. It is not unrelated to my realisation that I am not keeping au fait with development in the IT world; that I am unable to find real employment; that living with my parents is stressful for us all; that my debts steadily increase. I do read a lot, but it is practice that makes perfect, and sitting writing this in an Internet Cafe is not an answer, although it is helpful.

August 8th: Possibility of a decent job is good, but matters are in confusion. We'll see. 

August 15th: Meeting with NR has set the ball rolling.

August 16th: Well, there are some road blocks, what with no wages likely until the project takes off, which will take from 3 to 6 months; political and practical contacts in constant flux; computer work required concerning PCs, Internet access, software and security. But, the job is a go and is in my court. It's an Ontario Government requirement that a certain classification of people in particular circumstances need to be educated in life skills. They will then be able to receive other benefits and attain a level of self-sufficiency within our high pressure world. It's clearly a worthwhile pilot project. Here are some possibly applicable URLs: Algonquin College; AC Distance Education; ABC Canada; abc and 123 dEcode; Computers for Schools; Ottawa-Carleton School Board; O-C Catholic School Board; Ontario Government Speech; Ontario Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  

August 22nd: The freezing of the O-C School Board finances might cause delays, at best, although the O-C Catholic SB might have some free computers. The latter Board has balanced finances, or so I have been advised.

August 29th: The freezing of the School Board finances by the Ontario government may not be applicable, but who knows? Plodding on, am I. Through personnel at Algonquin College? 

October 10th: Not that I should be too upset, but the job was a pipe dream where my original contact, though himself seriously ill, lacks judgment in particular circumstances. Should write a book about my experiences. Well, if I could only stop procrastinating!

October 17th: Not a lot to record recently, but I wonder about this: Globe and Mail article on the tribulations that elder workers face

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Regarding the image below: "Today, many physicists believe that nothingness is the foundation of everything, not just the arena in which matter resides but the substrate from which matter is actually constructed. As physicists envision the universe now, everything that exists is ultimately just a complex unfolding of the underlying substrate of empty space. This vision presents the universe, as English physicist Paul Davies has summed it up, as 'nothing but structured nothingness' " - Margaret Wertheim in the Los Angeles Times.

It would seem, in 250 million years, that Canada will be tropical, run by the ants, termites and cockroaches that have survived homo sapiens' "successful" attempt to prevent the onset of the impending Ice Age, normally expected to arrive in the 23rd or 24th Century AD (President "Mr Intelligence" George Dubya Bush of the USA resolving to disavow Kyoto). That the US has chosen to attack terrorism does not mean that all other matters in the world paused indefinitely in their path towards completion. 

Yet hark, who was Mikhail Andreas Bogdanovich Barclay de Tolly? Apparently, of Scots ancestry, like one in six Canadians. He was a Russian general in the Napoleonic Wars. So what, say you? Learn that knowledge encompasses the thoughtful moments of rational men and women. Forgetting your history means you repeat it, often to your everlasting regret. Here endeth the lesson.