World War II and some reasons why
These images are taken from R. A. C. Parker: Struggle for Survival (Oxford, 1989 0-19-289112-X).
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Sad, sad and evil times for those of the Jewish faith.

In 2005, March, Clint Eastwood won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby, and it was mentioned that his next picture (movie in NA) would be about Iwo Jima. That will be interesting, given the horrors that unfolded there, with the unexpected mountain that was a fortress like Gibraltar.

People at a conference, similar to another on this site that shows the Kai-Sheks. Note Harold Macmillan in the background, too.

Some major figures in WWII. How ill does Roosevelt appear? And, typical nonsense by Montgomery.

No sign yet of that shoe that was rattled on a podium by the civilian. Not long before he became the boss of Russia. Odd how many of their top men come from the now independent satellite states.