BMW short films

These films, originating in 2001/2002, feature Clive Owen and certain BMW vehicles. Don't let that put you off, because they are really good entertainment.

The executables that were provided by BMW are in two versions: try one or the other. Here is the ReadMe which, with modern computers, is immaterial. If you'd rather, then simply use QuickTime, but the graphics for the BMW full screen executables are at least worth watching, and the production provides a little more information.
After downloading the files, place them in a folder. Put the downloaded movies into a subfolder to that folder named films. That enables the BMW programme to find them. (I know, I know, but not all of you are computer knowledgeable technicians.) That's only for the .mov files, 01-05. The others, including the large Star file, are .wmv and you know what they require.

These links are for the various films in my possession, either large or small, indicating size and quality. Note the two shorts for Films 04 and 05. They are neat in their own right:
Film 01: Ambush, directed by John Frankenheimer: large and small.
Film 02: Chosen, directed by Ang Lee: large and small.
Film 03: The Follow, directed by Wong Kar-Hai: large and small.
Film 04: Star, directed by Guy Ritchie: large, small and allied short. You do know Ritchie is Madonna's husband, and this is a film about a blonde star harridan. Who, then?
Film 05: Powder Keg, directed by Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu: large and another short.
Film 06: Beat the Devil, directed by Tony Scott: large. James Brown and Gary Oldman as the blues man at the cross road, and the devil. And two cars.
Film 07: Hostage, directed by John Woo: large.
Film 08: Ticker, directed by Joe Carnahan: large.

Cook's sailing vessel, a better form of transport, perhaps. But it reminds one of easier times. The horse and cart, and the bull whip.
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